Effective Fly Repellents

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Effective Fly Repellents
Effective Fly Repellents

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Flies appear with warm days. In the fight against them, you can use a variety of means - folk, aerosols, adhesive tapes, ultrasonic repellents.

Effective fly repellents
Effective fly repellents

After the cold weather, warm days come, but annoying flies do not allow you to enjoy them normally. Of course, you can install mosquito nets in the house, but this is not always effective, moreover, the nets prevent a full flow of fresh air into the house. There are many ways to fight flies.


The most effective fly control agents are conventional chemicals. The most popular of them are Dichlorvos and Chlorofos aerosols. They act simply: the poisonous jet destroys insects. Having treated the room with an aerosol, it must be kept closed for a while, and then well ventilated.

Fumigator plates also help a lot. When the device heats up, the plate inserted into it begins to release toxic substances that kill flies.

Fly trap - sticky tapes. They are soaked in a poisonous solution. This composition attracts flies to its smell, they land on the tape, stick and die.


Recently, ultrasonic scarers have appeared on the market. The device studies waves of a certain frequency that a person does not hear, and they are unpleasant for flies, and they simply fly away as far from the source as possible. An ultrasonic device is well suited for enclosed spaces, but is useless in large open areas.

Folk remedies

There are plants that flies cannot smell. These include primarily tomato. It is enough to put a couple of pots with tomatoes planted in them on the windowsill - the flies will fly away.

Also, flies do not like the smell of black elderberry, fern, geranium, eucalyptus. You can spread the branches of these plants around the house or hang them beautifully in bunches. You can also put them in a vase. Geraniums and ferns can be planted in pots.

Flies also dislike the smell of bay leaves and black pepper. These spices, finely ground, can be sprinkled on a windowsill, on a gas stove - the flies will disappear.

You can make the poisonous mixture yourself. It is quite effective in fighting flies. Cooking it will not be difficult and will not take much time. Over low heat, you need to melt the rosin (90 g) and add vegetable oil (30 g) there. Stir the mixture well. Add some honey or sugar. You can pour the mixture onto an old unnecessary saucer or soak paper with it - you get an analogue of store-bought adhesive tape. Hang in places where a lot of flies gather.

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