Five Simple And Effective Self-defense Techniques

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Five Simple And Effective Self-defense Techniques
Five Simple And Effective Self-defense Techniques
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If you are being attacked, it is best to try to run away if possible. When it is not possible to save yourself in this way, you can use special techniques. Remember that your movements should be spontaneous: in self-defense, not only strength and skill are important, but also cunning.

Five simple and effective self-defense techniques
Five simple and effective self-defense techniques

Three options to attack the enemy

If you find yourself face to face with a man who decides to attack you, a kick in the groin is a good option. You can beat with a knee, straight leg, fist. If the opponent grabs you from behind and hugs you, you can try to reach his groin and punch briefly or squeeze the sensitive male organs into the palm and press hard. After such an impact, the enemy is unlikely to be able to continue the attack. The best option in this case is to just run away before he regains consciousness.

If you understand that the chances of defeating the enemy are quite small, and you are unlikely to get to his groin, you can try using two very effective and harsh techniques - a blow to the throat or to the nose. In the first case, you need to hit with the edge of the palm, quickly and strongly, moreover, preferably not directly, but at an acute angle. After such a blow, a person at least coughs very strongly, grabs his neck and for some time loses all interest in you. In more severe cases, when the blow is really strong, such an attack can lead to loss of consciousness. A punch to the nose is another effective technique that will work even if you are dealing with someone bigger and stronger than you. You need to hit the nose from the bottom up with your palm. A good punch can break a person's nose and even lead to a deep knockout. In the worst case, if you do not hit so hard, the attacker will simply lose balance, fall and for a while lose the desire and ability to chase you.

Finally, if you are about the same height as your opponent, try hitting them hard on the ears with your palms. It is important that both hands strike at the same time. A strong, sharp “clap of hands” in this case will deafen the person and throw him out of balance. Striking too hard can damage the attacker's eardrums.

Two ways to protect yourself

If you are caught, you, of course, cannot immediately run away - first you need to free yourself. Attackers, especially when it comes to a large man, often grab the victim from behind with both hands. In this case, it is worth trying to hit the attacker with his head in the face, or lean forward a little, grab his little fingers and bend strongly. Such techniques will inflict severe pain on the enemy and force him to let you go.

One of the most difficult options is the situation when the victim is grabbed from behind by the neck. In this case, you should not immediately use painful techniques - the opponent will simply squeeze the hand even harder. Try moving your neck closer to the attacker's elbow so you can breathe more easily. Grab his wrist with one hand to loosen his grip, and with the other try to reach the inside of the opponent's thigh and push hard. Then try turning to face your attacker and hitting him in the neck, chin, or nose.

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