How The Work Of Passport Offices Works

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How The Work Of Passport Offices Works
How The Work Of Passport Offices Works

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The passport office operates in every territorial department of the Federal Migration Service (FMS). This service is engaged not only in registration and deregistration of citizens, but also performs many other functions.

How the work of passport offices works
How the work of passport offices works


Step 1

The passport office is the territorial office of the Federal Migration Service. You can contact him if you need to issue a permanent or temporary registration, deregister, receive, replace or restore a lost passport, receive a number of certificates.

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At the passport office you can get a certificate of registration, family composition, family and property status of a conscript, free living space, checking living conditions, exchange, absence of a warrant, and passport replacement. In addition, the passport office issues certificates indicating the number and series of the old passport, on the registration of a citizen on the day of death, on joint registration with family members on the day of death.

Step 3

All certificates can be provided at the request of citizens, at the request of the court, prosecutor's office, police, department of social protection of the population, notary, Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. The issued documents are numbered and entered in the accounting book.

Step 4

The owner of the living space, the tenant or family members of these persons can apply to the passport office to receive an extract from the house book, which indicates all citizens registered on the living space at the time of issuance of the certificate. Citizens removed from the registration register, who are in correctional labor colonies, in homes for the disabled, in hospitals, discharged by a court decision, upon request from a new place of residence, at the time of study, conscription, are not included in the issued certificate.

Step 5

Archival extracts are issued at the request of citizens when issuing a new passport to replace the lost one, to confirm the citizenship of the Russian Federation, when registering a citizen who has returned from prison.

Step 6

When registering any types of documents, certificates, citizens are required to apply to the passport office in person, present an application, identity documents, documents of title to housing.

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