The Meaning Of The Name Alice

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The Meaning Of The Name Alice
The Meaning Of The Name Alice

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There are several meanings of the female name Alice. The most common of these is "from a noble family." It is believed that girls named Alice grow up to be strong personalities, carry out their plans and become leaders.

One of the most famous in Russia Alice - actress Alisa Freindlich
One of the most famous in Russia Alice - actress Alisa Freindlich

The meaning of the name Alice in childhood

Already in childhood, the name Alice puts in its owner certain character traits - practicality and the desire to win. Alice is an impressionable girl, she is able to plunge into the world of some of her illusions and fantasies. In communicating with her peers, the girl Alice is friendly and affectionate. In addition, she will not miss the chance to once again prove her outstanding organizational skills.

Little Alice from early childhood are in the center of attention of the people around them. They have friendly relations with both girls and boys. Often, Alice defends offended peers, proving her innocence to their offenders. These girls hate betrayal. As a child, Alice willingly helps her mother in all her affairs, and also enjoys the well-deserved love from her father and many of her relatives.

Already in childhood, the traits of a business woman are laid in Alice. Little Alice is a confident girl, but her restless nature often throws Alice into the thick of certain events.

The meaning of the name Alice in adulthood

Adult Alice is a straightforward woman. Despite this, she easily finds a common language with others. Alice is not vindictive, but demanding both of others and of themselves. In addition, this is a gentle and sensual woman: from childhood she loves to read various women's novels, empathizing with the main characters. Alice loves to listen to stories about the love affairs of her friends. Curiously, Alice tries not to talk about her own feelings.

The meaning of the name Alice in family life

Many Alice marry solely for love. They are not interested in the calculation. And this cannot but rejoice. The name Alice means that her owner is a faithful wife: she is conservative in sex, happy in love. You can always rely on such a spouse - she will not betray. For her husband, this woman becomes not only a wife, but also a real friend. The owners of this name carefully keep the family hearth and raise their children.

The meaning of the name Alice in the professional field

Holders of this name need to choose a profession related to the medical industry, construction, visual arts, teaching, journalism. Alice is a professionally stubborn and hard-working woman. She prefers to work in a male team. She always tries to bring her work to its logical conclusion. In addition, Alice are careerists: they often rise higher and higher up the steps of the career ladder.

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