How To Apply The Logo To Beer Glasses

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How To Apply The Logo To Beer Glasses
How To Apply The Logo To Beer Glasses
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Beer glasses with a logo can be used as branding elements for your bar or restaurant, or as prizes in promotions. But how to make a gift option out of ordinary glass glasses?

The logo on the glass can be matte and colored
The logo on the glass can be matte and colored

DIY logo on glasses

If you need to decorate a small number of beer glasses with a logo or there are practically no funds for this, you can cope with this creative task on your own.

The easiest and cheapest way to make a logo on glass is to print it on self-adhesive paper or film, cut it out and stick it on the glass. Remember to degrease the glass before gluing by rubbing it with alcohol or window cleaner. With paper stickers, you can quickly and easily apply your logo to as many glasses as you need. But it also has a significant disadvantage: such stickers are short-lived, they "move away" from the glass when washed. And to remove them completely, you will have to use a hard metal washcloth, which can scratch the glass surface.

The next way to apply the logo is to paint glass with special paints and contours.

If you decide to apply a logo with their help, remember a few rules. When painting glass, it is necessary to prevent the spreading of paints. Therefore, as a "stroke" for the logo, you should use special outlines for glass and ceramics. On the degreased glass, they apply the outline of the pattern. When the contours are dry, you can pour paint inside the logo.

To do this, you need to take special paints for glass and ceramics, baked ones are best suited (after applying them, the glasses must be placed in a preheated oven according to the instructions attached to the paints). Such paints are the most durable, and if the logo was applied by them, the dishes will not be afraid of washing in the dishwasher. However, you can also use stained glass paints to fill the logo. In this case, it is better to take lacquer-based coloring agents. But you need to wash such glasses carefully, without using a sponge.

If you decide to apply the logo using outlines and paints, print the desired design on paper and put it inside the glass. Focusing on this drawing, you can evenly apply the contour of the logo and keep all the proportions.

Professional logo application

If funds allow, you can contact advertising agencies that produce souvenir products. To put the logo on glasses, they use techniques such as decal (printing on glass and ceramics) and matting (sandblasting or etching the glass). These technologies allow you to quickly and beautifully decorate a large number of glasses, and the applied coating will be very durable. But applying a logo in this way is quite costly.

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