What Does Active 3d Glasses Mean?

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What Does Active 3d Glasses Mean?
What Does Active 3d Glasses Mean?

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3D technologies are gradually penetrating into our lives and no longer seem as inaccessible as they used to be. At the moment, there are three ways to immerse yourself in three-dimensional space.

What does active 3d glasses mean?
What does active 3d glasses mean?

3D technologies in our time

In recent years, 3D technologies have moved from the category of special effects to products that are quite real and affordable for the consumer. At the moment, manufacturers offer three ways to get into three-dimensional space - passive and active 3D glasses, as well as autostereoscopic monitors.

In turn, autostereoscopic monitors were created relatively recently and, at the moment, this technology is not used due to the high cost of production.

But unlike monitors, 3D glasses quickly gained popularity among moviegoers. But each of the potential buyers has a question: "What is the difference between passive glasses and active ones?"

Differences between passive and active points

First of all, it should be said that 3D glasses are auxiliary devices that create the illusion of a three-dimensional image. Among professionals, such glasses are most often called stereo glasses.

This technology involves splitting a stereo pair into two images, each of which is visible only to one eye. Due to the layering of images, the illusion of volume appears.

So what is the difference between active glasses and passive glasses? Active 3D glasses, or shutter glasses, are devices that need to be connected to a power source for 3D imaging. The principle of their operation involves the use of a shutter mechanism, in which the main role is played by liquid crystal shutters, which, in turn, alternately cover the right and left eyes, while the projector alternately displays frames for each of them.

Such glasses work only on autonomous power supply. As a rule, the signal from the glasses to the receiver is transmitted in the form of an infrared beam, although, at this stage, receivers with radio synchronization are introduced.

Unlike active glasses, passive 3D glasses do not require additional power sources. Their principle of operation is based on the use of polarizing filters, which form a separate image for each eye.

As you know, such glasses are much simpler in technical terms and cheaper than active ones.

In addition, one of the advantages of active glasses over passive glasses is considered to be a high resolution of the picture. In active glasses, liquid crystal lenses demonstrate the entire frame, and therefore, the image will be of high quality. Regardless of the quality, passive glasses distort the clarity of detail. Although, if we talk about the work of 3D glasses, then it should be noted that active glasses periodically require recharging from batteries, while passive glasses do not need this.

Therefore, when choosing a 3D TV and glasses for it, you need to remember that replacing one type of glasses with another will not work without replacing the signal source itself, namely the TV or monitor.

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