Why Do They Hang A Star On The Top Of The Tree?

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Why Do They Hang A Star On The Top Of The Tree?
Why Do They Hang A Star On The Top Of The Tree?

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One of the favorite holidays in Russia is New Year. Preparation for it begins in a few more days. It is important to have time to buy gifts, treats for guests, and most importantly - to put a spruce tree and decorate it with New Year's toys.

The Christmas tree is a symbol of the holiday
The Christmas tree is a symbol of the holiday

Traditionally, the top of the Christmas tree is decorated with a star. Of course, such a tradition is remembered in the countries of the former USSR. But some children of the modern era believe that the star appeared on the tree because the red star was a symbol of the victory of socialism. In fact, even before the revolution in Russia, the top of the tree was decorated with a star. Only it was the Star of Bethlehem.

Star of Bethlehem on the Christmas tree

The star of Bethlehem is often mentioned in the Bible, and it is an eight-pointed star. In church books, this star is a symbol of God and a symbol of the birth of Jesus Christ on earth. Before the revolution, the onset of the new year was practically not celebrated. The main winter holiday was, of course, Christmas. The Christmas tree was set up just for Christmas, and it was decorated according to all religious traditions.

The top of the tree has always been decorated with an eight-pointed star. There could be a minimum of toys, but the star has always crowned the Christmas tree. In terms of color, the stars at the top of the Christmas tree were always golden, silver, or white.

The fact that the Star of Bethlehem was always placed on the top of the tree is associated with the legend of how the trees came to visit the Christ Child. When he saw a fir tree decorated with lights, he laughed with a kind childish laugh. Then the star of Bethlehem flashed on the top of the spruce. She became almost the main decoration of the Christmas tree.

Ruby Star

After the revolution in Russia, religion was outlawed, and the celebration of Christmas was prohibited. During the first revolutionary years, no holiday was invented to replace Christmas. But, when the passions began to subside, the authorities realized that it was necessary to replace the Christmas so beloved by everyone - the time of fairy tales, miracles and gifts. Then they began to popularize the celebration of the New Year.

Many Christmas traditions that were minimally or unrelated to religion were passed on to the New Year. Including - decoration of the New Year tree - Christmas tree. Due to the new ideology, the Star of Bethlehem could no longer be used to decorate the top. Then it was replaced by a ruby ​​red five-pointed star - one of the main symbols of the socialist revolution.

Today, the top of the tree can be decorated not only with a star, but also with other interesting toys. But, if you want to preserve the true meaning of the holiday, then it is best to use the Star of Bethlehem to decorate the New Year tree.

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