How To Identify A Tree By Leaves

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How To Identify A Tree By Leaves
How To Identify A Tree By Leaves

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To accurately determine the type of tree from the leaves, you need to be very observant. This is quite difficult to do if you have never seen how the trees themselves grow, how such different leaves appear, develop and fall from them.

How to identify a tree by leaves
How to identify a tree by leaves

It is necessary

  • - the Internet;
  • - encyclopedia;
  • - notepad.


Step 1

Starting from the first days of spring, walk more in parks and forest zones, watch the delicate leaves that appear, try to visually remember both the trees themselves and the shape of the leaves. Specify their names if necessary. Use a camera. Identify your pictures with illustrations in encyclopedias, with pictures posted on tree sites. This way you can remember both the names of the trees and the description of their leaves.

Step 2

Although the leaves are all green in spring and summer, they can be easily distinguished. In ash, the foliage is bright green, in maple it is dark green, but in aspen it sparkles. Birch, alder, poplar leaves look like varnished. The fact is that the resin covering their delicate shoots protects them from weather changes and makes it difficult for moisture to evaporate. May air from these tree resins becomes especially fragrant.

Step 3

Watch the leaves in the summer, when most of them have already taken their final shape. Their shape, edges, hairiness and other external characteristics are extremely important in identifying a tree species. Describe in detail all of your observations. Later, this will help you, without hesitation, determine the name of the tree, simply by holding the leaf in your hand.

Step 4

Be sure to pay sufficient attention to autumn walks. It becomes so beautiful in parks from multi-colored decoration! In temperate and northern latitudes, most of the trees shed their foliage. At this time, you can take a closer look at each leaf, and determine which tree it belongs to, based on observation and knowledge.

Step 5

Learn to distinguish between poplar and aspen leaves. Poplar has an extended ovoid leaf with a serrated edge. Aspen, on the other hand, has whitish-green round leaves of small size, the edge has wavy outlines.

Step 6

Find the differences between birch and gray alder leaves. In the latter, they are round in shape with a sharp top, and in birch they are rounded, with a pointed end and a jagged edge. Among the autumn leaf fall, it is easy to distinguish oval oak leaves, reminiscent of the crown of this sacred tree, or horse chestnut, after which a scar similar to a horseshoe remains on the tree. Linden leaves resemble a heart in their shape. Their length is no more than 4-8 cm, and the edge is serrated.

Step 7

Collect the herbarium. For a long time, you can always look and clarify which tree the fallen leaf belongs to.

Step 8

Use the apps that appear for phones and other devices to consolidate your skills.

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