Why Do The Leaves Turn Yellow On Yucca

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Why Do The Leaves Turn Yellow On Yucca
Why Do The Leaves Turn Yellow On Yucca

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Yucca is an evergreen, very beautiful ornamental plant, similar to a lush palm tree with large green leaves. It grows slowly, but it can grow to an impressive size, so it needs a lot of space. The most common problem when growing yucca is yellowing leaves.


Yucca, like other indoor plants, needs careful and proper care. A number of factors can affect the well-being of a yucca - temperature, humidity, watering, lighting, and so on. Yucca prefers bright light, but at the same time it does not tolerate direct sunlight. The humidity should be high, this plant needs to be watered much more often than in winter.

Nervous plant

A change in location can cause severe stress in this plant. In this case, the lower leaves curl, turn yellow and begin to fall off. Most often this is due to the fact that during the transfer of the pot or during transplantation, the root system of the plant is easily injured, as a result, the flow of water and nutrition is disturbed, which affects the state of the leaves. In this case, it is enough to properly water the plant and let it get used to a new place or pot, so that the state of the yucca will return to normal.

Systematic inappropriate watering can also cause the yucca foliage to dry out. An indoor flower usually accumulates water in the trunk, given that its root system is rather weak, waterlogging of the soil often leads to the fact that the plant begins to rot. Watering with too cold water can also cause yellowing of the leaves.

Keep track of the temperature

Sudden changes in soil or air temperature most often negatively affect the state of the yucca foliage. It is very important for this plant to maintain a stable temperature. In warm weather, it should not be lower than 20 and above 25 ° C, and in the winter season, it should not drop below 8 degrees. It is necessary from the beginning of autumn to gradually lower the temperature in the room where the yucca is located, while it is advisable to avoid sudden changes. If the temperature is not lowered for the winter, the yucca foliage will begin to stretch, thin out and sag, often leading to yellowing and leaf fall. Please note that in winter it is impossible to intensify watering in any case, as this will lead to decay of the root system.

In hot months, the reason for the yellowing of the leaves is often a lack of moisture. In summer, the earthen lump should not dry out. If you allowed the soil to dry out, "solder" the flower gradually, do not try to immediately fill it with a large amount of water, remember about the weak root system of the yucca.

Please note that a small number of leaves can turn yellow and fall off for natural reasons, especially during the growth and formation of the trunk. In this case, you should not worry about the health of the plant.

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