How To Wear Shoulder Straps

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How To Wear Shoulder Straps
How To Wear Shoulder Straps

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Shoulder straps have long since become a fashion accessory from an attribute of a military uniform. They are worn not only by fans of the "casual" style, but also by elegant ladies in evening dresses. All you need is to choose the right epaulettes so that they do not stand out from the general style.

How to wear shoulder straps
How to wear shoulder straps


Step 1

The standard option when using shoulder straps in everyday clothes is to attach them to a jacket or jacket. Sometimes improvised shoulder straps are an element of the design of a thing and are sewn to it at the factory. If you want to complement the outfit with individual epaulettes, sew small buttons on the shoulders. Fasten the second part on the chase. Two buttons for each shoulder should be sufficient. You can take off and put on these fashion accessories at any time.

Step 2

Shoulder straps are different in shape, size, texture. The main task of their owner is to make their participation in the wardrobe appropriate. If your office has a strict dress code, you shouldn't wear epaulettes in your outfit. The maximum that can be allowed is thin fabric trims with a button. They can be placed on a blouse or jacket. Please note that these details must be matched to match the suit.

Step 3

A variety of evening options for shoulder straps leaves room for choice. A thin chiffon dress to the floor can be decorated with one shoulder strap from a gold chain or twine. Release the edge of it to the middle of the elbow, decorating with a brush or a large bead. Red or silver shoulder straps look great on a short black dress. Pin a rose on your chest, take a matching clutch, and the outfit is ready.

Step 4

A friendly party is a place where you can afford to decorate your outfit with any epaulettes. A short fitted jacket will look very stylish if there is an epaulet on one shoulder, reminiscent of the epaulettes of the French Napoleonic army. A simple white T-shirt, adorned with beautiful fabric stripes with embroidery, immediately becomes a festive one. And the stars on the shoulders of a simple knitted dress will draw attention to the beautiful hands of their owner.

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