How To Fasten Shoulder Straps

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How To Fasten Shoulder Straps
How To Fasten Shoulder Straps

At first glance, it may seem that attaching shoulder straps to the form is a very simple matter and you shouldn't even focus on it. However, anyone who has ever encountered this problem knows that there are some difficulties and subtleties.

How to fasten shoulder straps
How to fasten shoulder straps


Step 1

It is necessary to arrange the shoulder strap so that its straight edge and stars are on the side of the shoulder, and not the head. They are attached along the shoulder seam, and the upper edge of the shoulder strap should recede from it by 10 mm. Otherwise, the shoulder strap will hang back or forward. The short edge of the shoulder strap should be located at the level of the seam that secures the sleeve. The button emblem on the pursuit should be turned with the upper part towards the neck, and the lower part towards the arm.

Step 2

There are two types of shoulder straps: soft, which are sewn on, and hard, which are fastened. Which shoulder straps need to be attached depends on the clothes to which they are attached.

Step 3

Sew-on shoulder straps are attached to clothing with threads and needles. Pre-secure the shoulder strap with needles or pins so that it does not slide off when sewing. It is important that the seam is not visible on the chase, and preferably on the wrong side of the garment. To do this, thread the thread folded in half into the needle so that two ends hang down on one side, and there is a loop on the other. Draw the needle and thread from the wrong side of the garment, but do not pull it all the way out. Thread the needle into the resulting loop and pull - you get a fastener without a knot. Next, sew on the shoulder strap with neat small stitches, clinging one or two threads of clothing and shoulder straps and not crawling out onto its upper side. Try not to tighten the thread too much, otherwise the clothes will wrinkle.

Step 4

Rigid shoulder straps are attached to clothes with a fastener. Flip the shoulder strap over and take the tape that runs along the bottom. Pass it through the loops on your clothing. Then insert a button into the shoulder strap and pull its leg through the special holes in the clothes. There are several ways to fasten a button. You can just insert a small piece of a match or toothpick, you can use a pin, thread and needle, a paper clip or a special bracket. The main thing is that the fastening is reliable and does not scratch your shoulder or shirt.

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