How To Attach Stripes To Shoulder Straps

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How To Attach Stripes To Shoulder Straps
How To Attach Stripes To Shoulder Straps
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Stripes are special insignia that are placed on the shoulder straps of military personnel and allow them to visually determine their military rank. Stripes are an essential part of military uniforms. When receiving the next military rank, it becomes necessary to fix new insignia on the shoulder straps.

How to attach stripes to shoulder straps
How to attach stripes to shoulder straps

It is necessary

  • - awl;
  • - pencil.


Step 1

The military insignia of corporals, sergeants and foremen have undergone some changes in comparison with Soviet times. The stripes of galloon or braid, which were located transversely, were replaced by metal squares - stripes. The field and everyday uniform of the sergeant staff involves the wearing of gray khaki squares. The dress uniform and overcoats are decorated with golden stripes.

Step 2

There are two types of hooks: narrow and wide. The width of the narrow squares is 5 mm, the wide ones are 15 mm. It is interesting that initially, immediately after the introduction of these insignia, the stripes were attached to the pursuit with an angle downward. However, after a few months, an order was received to turn them 180 degrees. To date, the stripes are positioned along the centerline of the shoulder strap so that their protruding angle is directed to the upper edge.

Step 3

The number and width of the stripes corresponds to a particular military rank. The corporal wears one narrow stripe on his shoulder straps. Junior Sergeant - 2 narrow squares. Sergeant - 3 narrow stripes. Senior sergeant - one wide stripe. The foreman - one wide and one narrow square.

Step 4

Take the shoulder straps and stripes that match your rank. Carefully mark the location of the tabs. To do this, unbend the "legs" of the square so that they are perpendicular to the stripe itself. Mentally draw the longitudinal centerline of the shoulder strap and attach the stripes to it. Make sure the insignia are straight and mark the attachment point with a pencil.

Step 5

Carefully make a hole in the previously marked spot of the shoulder strap using an awl. Try not to make the hole too large, otherwise the stripes will not hold well on the chase.

Step 6

Insert the "legs" of the squares into the hole and gently bend them so that they are parallel to the shoulder strap. Make sure they are securely fastened.

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