How To Cut Metal

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How To Cut Metal
How To Cut Metal

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During construction and even finishing work, it may be necessary to cut the metal (profile or sheet), and this can be done using the appropriate tools.

How to cut metal
How to cut metal


Hacksaws, pipe cutters, saws, press shears, abrasive machines, powered hacksaws, circular saws, lard or mineral oil


Step 1

Before starting work, select a hacksaw blade, taking into account the specific parameters of the metal. Clamp the material securely in a vise, adjust the tension and the level of fastening. Stand in a vice at a distance of 15-20 cm, take the hacksaw with your right hand, and the front part of the material being cut with your left, hold it in a horizontal position. Make smooth movements forward, slightly pressing the tool with both hands, by the end of the work, slightly loosen the pressure.

Step 2

Treat the blade from time to time with lard or mineral oil to reduce friction. If the hacksaw blade moves away from the markings, start cutting on the other side. Cut the strip metal to thickness.

Step 3

In order not to damage the blade, make sure that at least 3 teeth of the hacksaw overlap the thickness of the strip, if this is not possible, then cut the strip along the wide side, for which fix the strip in a vise and cut along the edge with a file, then start cut by slightly tilting the hacksaw.

Step 4

If you need to cut a long workpiece, but there is no way to complete the cut to the end, clamp the material again and cut from the opposite end.

Step 5

When working with thin sheets or strips, place them between the blocks and clamp in a vice, then cut with them. To cut curved or angled cuts, drill holes where direction changes, then continue working with a jigsaw.

Step 6

In order to cut round metal with a small cross-section, first apply a marking line, then secure the workpiece in a vice and cut along the line using a triangular file. Then continue working with a hand saw.

Step 7

To cut square metal, use the same technique, but tilt the hacksaw slightly away from you, reducing the tilt as you work. Then cut it while holding the hacksaw in a horizontal position.

Step 8

When working with metal with a shaped section, first apply marking risks of the cutting points. Next, strengthen the material and make small cuts at the risks. Continue to work using a hacksaw.

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