How To Identify The Fur Of A Fur Coat

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How To Identify The Fur Of A Fur Coat
How To Identify The Fur Of A Fur Coat

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Almost every woman dreams of a beautiful fur coat. But in order to fulfill your old dream and not be disappointed, you need to approach the choice of a fur coat with reasonable thoroughness.

How to identify the fur of a fur coat
How to identify the fur of a fur coat


Step 1

Do not buy a fur coat in spontaneous markets or by ad. Choose a fur salon or a shopping center close to home, so that if you do buy a product of inadequate quality, you do not have to spend a lot of time exchanging or returning a fur coat.

Step 2

Think about what kind of fur you would like to purchase a fur coat (long-haired, short-haired, pet fur, fur of aquatic animals). Calculate the average price for a fur coat in your area by contacting stores. Be sure to read customer reviews. In addition, some retail chains selling fur coats may also have official pages on the Internet with prices and reviews on the quality of fur products.

Step 3

Determine the quality of the fur. Please note: the fur should be "winter" (ie dense and with a thick undercoat). Look at what the flesh is (the back of the skin). In a fur coat recently dressed, the flesh is usually white.

Step 4

Ask the seller or check the label on the fur coat (or on its lining) at which fur auction this fur was purchased by the manufacturers. If you are buying a very expensive fur coat, then the furs must have been purchased from Canadian fur auctions. If you buy a fur coat in the middle price range, ask the seller in what conditions the animals lived from whose skins this fur product was made. The fur of animals that lived in natural conditions is more durable.

Step 5

Run a slightly dampened handkerchief over its surface. If the fur is repainted or poorly dyed, traces of paint will remain on the scarf. Check the fur in this way even if you buy a fur coat from unpainted (according to the seller's assurances and in accordance with the certificates presented by him) fur. Iron the fur or lightly tug on the pile. If there are lint or undercoat in your hand, it means that the fur is of poor quality. Crumple the fur in your fist. If the fur is of high quality, then it should not stick together, but immediately return to its original state.

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