How To Hunt A Bear

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How To Hunt A Bear
How To Hunt A Bear

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For a true hunter, hunting for a bear is a grandiose event, and the trophy obtained is an extraordinary pride. But in order to hunt a bear professionally, a special courage and caution is required from a potential hunter!

The bear must be hunted wisely and with the dogs
The bear must be hunted wisely and with the dogs


Step 1

The brown bear is a forest dweller. In Russia, this predator lives in solid woodlands, but it can enter both the tundra and alpine forests. Bears are loners in life. Males roam all alone, and females - with cubs. Hunting for a bear is currently carried out only with a special permit issued by the hunting inspectorate, and only in certain areas. It is worth noting that any bear hunt is not only exciting, but also dangerous! Excessive caution and attentiveness here will not hurt anyone.

Step 2

There are many types of bear hunting. But one of the most exciting is the truly Russian den hunt. It involves at least three: two armed hunters and one with dogs. The animal cannot always settle down for the winter in remote forest places. Often, bears build their dens not far from roadways and villages - this simplifies the task for hunters. The best period for such a hunt is January or February. Experienced hunters say that at this time the bear is just "crumpled". The aforementioned dogs are needed in order to make the clubfoot jump out of its secluded home.

Step 3

Hunting in a den is as follows. At least two armed hunters should be in a comfortable position in advance, at a distance of 8 to 12 meters from the bear den. The third hunter, with the help of the dogs, is trying to frighten the beast and drive it out of the den. If the dogs cannot do this, or the hunt is carried out without dogs at all, then the bear is expelled with his own hands. To do this, the hunter needs to stick a Christmas tree with half-chopped branches inside the den. Important! It is very dangerous to drive the animal out of the den without dogs! A bear can quickly jump out and attack a person. That is why at any second you need to be ready to shoot.

Step 4

If the place of the predator's bed cannot be determined, then a so-called round-up can be organized. Beater hunters carefully comb as many thickets, windbreaks and other forest areas as possible, tapping the trees with sticks. Of course, you shouldn't do without the help of dogs here either. The bear may appear out of the blue, so keep your gun ready. If the first shot of the bear only managed to injure, and not kill, then surveillance with the dogs is organized.

Step 5

There are many other types of bear hunting. For example, hunting for oats is the most accessible for non-professional hunters. The most successful hunting for a bear on oats occurs in those places where the fields begin to wedge directly into the forest, or are generally located in forest glades. Another type of bear hunting - hunting from a hike - is suitable for those who have no problems with dexterity, with camouflage and with caution. But in any hunt for a clubfoot, there is one irreplaceable rule: you need to shoot the animal just below the place you want to get into. The fact is that optical illusion makes the bear always slightly taller than it really is. Have a good hunting!

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