What Are Hazardous Production Facilities

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What Are Hazardous Production Facilities
What Are Hazardous Production Facilities

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Hazardous production facilities include enterprises, their workshops, sections, sites where hazardous substances are stored, processed and destroyed.

Hazardous production facilities
Hazardous production facilities

Features of hazardous production facilities

Dangerous production facilities are considered to be those where processing, storage, transportation and destruction of flammable, oxidizing and explosive, toxic, as well as environmentally hazardous substances are carried out. Hazardous production facilities also include those enterprises that use equipment operating under excessive pressure and stationary lifting mechanisms. Those production facilities where mining operations are carried out and alloys of ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be called naturally hazardous.

It is strictly forbidden to use equipment at any hazardous production facilities without special permission from Rostechnadzor for its use.

Hazardous and explosive production facilities

Hazardous and explosive production facilities must be distinguished from each other. For example, an electrically heated boiler can be considered just a dangerous object, as well as a lifting mechanism. They are not explosive. Incidentally, it is very important to consider this concept when choosing the right equipment.

Equipment for hazardous production facilities should not be distinguished by the presence of explosion protection markings. The permission of Rostekhnadzor will be enough. And on the case of equipment for explosive production facilities, there must be a special marking. Well, you can't do without permission.

Production facilities can only be classified as hazardous by the organization that operates these facilities. The results of their identification will also be required in accordance with the existing list of hazardous production facilities. By the way, this list is compiled by the Russian Rostekhnadzor.

The specifics of obtaining a license to operate a hazardous facility

In order to obtain a license to operate a hazardous production facility, the applicant must submit to the appropriate organization the acceptance certificate of the facility or a positive conclusion of the industrial safety expert review. You will also need a declaration of industrial safety for this facility. The license must always contain a record that the applicant has an insurance contract for the risk of liability for causing some kind of damage.

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