What Are The Programming Languages

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What Are The Programming Languages
What Are The Programming Languages

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Computers have long ceased to be perceived as something unusual and used only for complex calculations, as it was originally. Now it is a convenient device that makes life much easier - everyone can install on it any software products that are necessary for work and entertainment. An ordinary user uses ready-made programs that are developed by programmers who use special languages ​​for this.

What are the programming languages
What are the programming languages


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To write the text of any computer program, one of the many programming languages ​​is used. All of them are sets of specific commands - operators, as well as descriptions. As a rule, these commands are based on English words, so if you know English, reading the text of the program, you can even understand what the computer will do on this or that command. However, a computer, unlike you, does not know English - so that it understands them, the compiler "translates" these commands into machine language. Each programming language has its own compiler.

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The first programming languages, including: ADA, Basic, Algol, Fortran and others, which were popular in 60-70, have not been used for a long time, but C ++, for example, created in 1983, remains today demanded, many special software products are written in it. Basic, which appeared in 1991, is still in demand; as well as Pascal (Delphi IDE), Java, JavaScript and Ruby, created in 1995. New ones include ActionScript and Nemerle, which appeared in 1998 and 2006, respectively.

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The listed programming languages ​​are still relevant, since they are constantly being modified, and their new versions are adapted to the needs that exist today. This primarily applies to the C ++ language. Despite the fact that in some cases the program code compiled in this language turns out to be rather cumbersome, the use of ready-made templates helps to solve this problem, significantly improving the performance of software products.

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The Visual Basic development environment, developed by the famous Microsoft, is also used by most programmers, allowing not only to create compact program code in the Basic language, but also to use a convenient built-in constructor for the user interface. But to create websites, programmers use the PHP language, which is considered universal and works with any operating system. It is also used as a user interface designer. However, the significant disadvantages of this language can be attributed to the fact that the code written in earlier versions will not be supported by the new ones.

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Java is also capable of running on any platform, but to write programs in this language, you need to use that dialect that is intended for this type of software product. The programming languages ​​Pascal and JavaScript are distinguished by their multifunctionality, versatility and simplicity. The former is more often used to create software products for the OS, for example Total Commander and QIP, while the latter is used to write most of the modern browsers.

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