How To Take A Double Surname

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How To Take A Double Surname
How To Take A Double Surname

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Every girl who gets married has to make a decision about her last name. Several possibilities open up before her: leave the maiden, take her husband's surname, or combine the surnames into one. Someone believes that all family members should have the same surname, someone does not want to part with the surname of their parents, and someone decides to create another symbol of love.

How to take a double surname
How to take a double surname


Step 1

The issue of a double surname is regulated by article 32 of the family code of the Russian Federation and article 28 of the federal law on acts of civil status, which state that when registering a marriage, it is possible to write down the common surname of the spouses, the premarital surname of one of the spouses, or a double one formed by attaching the wife's surname to the husband's surname. Such a surname is written down with a hyphen. It should be borne in mind that if one of the surnames is double, then another one cannot be attached to it.

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There is a strange position among some employees of registry offices, who claim that a double surname is allowed only for cultural and scientific workers. It is not true. Feel free to write the option you like in the application. Lawyers unequivocally say that there are no restrictions, except for the already existing double surname.

Step 3

But there is one point in this article that even experienced lawyers say that it is ambiguous. There is a point of view that both spouses are obliged to take a double surname. That is, if only the wife has a desire to preserve the memory of the parental surname and at the same time demonstrate the status of a married woman, then her husband will also have to change his surname. Not everyone agrees with this option and starts looking for a way out of the situation.

Step 4

Some refer to paragraph 2 of Article 32 of the Family Code, where it is written that the change of the surname by one spouse does not entail the change of the surname of the other. Sometimes it is possible to prove right in the registry office that this concerns a variant of a double surname. But in fact, this refers to the situation of changing the last name after marriage.

Step 5

That is, when registering a marriage, a woman has the right to leave either her surname or take her husband's surname, and already, being married, she can change her surname to the one that is dear to her heart and ears. This is done on a general basis, while the order of the names she can choose is arbitrary.

Step 6

When deciding to change your surname, remember that you will have to change a number of documents. Within a month, first of all, you need to change your passport. Registration of a new one from the moment of submission of documents lasts up to 4 weeks.

Step 7

When you receive a visa to another country with an old surname, you can safely go on a trip with your old passport. In the procedure for issuing foreign passports, the terms for replacing documents when changing the surname are not indicated, in fact, the passport is valid until its expiration date.

Step 8

It is recommended that you change your driver's license, car insurance and vehicle ownership document or power of attorney. Lawyers recommend changing registered securities, a certificate of title to suburban real estate, an apartment, etc. In addition, you will have to change your work pass, credit cards, medical and work books, medical policy, insurance certificate of compulsory pension insurance, taxpayer identification number.

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