How To Find A Health Department In Moscow

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How To Find A Health Department In Moscow
How To Find A Health Department In Moscow

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The Moscow Department of Healthcare conducts a policy in the field of organizing and protecting the health of residents of Moscow and its guests, studies the general health of the entire population, provides the city with medicines and develops programs and priority areas in the field of healthcare.

How to find a health department in Moscow
How to find a health department in Moscow


Step 1

The department is located at 43 Oruzheiny Lane Street, building 1. Nearby there are metro stations - Novoslobodskaya at 742 m, Mayakovskaya at 831 m and Pushkinskaya at 894 m. From Chekhovskaya, Tsvetnoy Boulevard and "Tverskaya" is also within walking distance to the establishment.

Step 2

If you get off at the Sukharevskaya metro station, you will need to cross the Garden Ring and take trolleybus # 10 or B and get to the Karetny Ryad bus stop. There is also a Bk trolleybus going to this stop, passing through the Krasnoselsky, Tverskoy, Basmanny, Meshchansky, Arbat, Presnensky, Zamoskvorechye and Tagansky districts. Such trolleybuses with numbers as B, 3, 3K, 10, 15, 47 also reach the designated point.

Step 3

The department is located in the Center of Moscow in the Central Administrative District in the Tverskoy District beyond the Garden Ring. The windows of the establishment overlook one of the main streets of the capital, Sadovaya-Karetnaya. Also nearby are the streets of Petrovka, Delegatskaya, Dolgorukovskaya, Dmitrovka, Fadeeva.

Step 4

Not far from the main building of the Department of Health is her reception on the street. Second Schemilovsky lane, 4A, building 4. You can reach it from the main office along Krasnoproletarskaya street. The reception office accepts the population from Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 6 pm with a break for rest 13:30 - 14:30. On Friday, work runs until 4:45 pm. Saturday and Sunday days off. If you need to get to the reception, you should take trolleybus # 15 and get off at the Krasnoproletarskaya bus stop.

Step 5

The Moscow Department of Health is open on weekdays from 08:00 to 17:00. Lunch break from 12:30 to 13:30. On Friday, as in all budgetary organizations, there is a short day here and the structure is open until 15:45. By calling the information service 8 (499) 251 83 00 and the hotline 8 (499) 251 14 55 you can get the necessary advice. The department has a doctor on duty around the clock. You can call him at 8 (499) 251 83 00. You should inquire about preferential provision of medicines by calling 8 (499) 251 14 55 from 08:00 to 20:00.

Step 6

The Department of Health is part of one of the complexes of the social sphere of the capital. He is engaged in drafts of regulatory legal acts, control and supervisory activities, conducts certification and recertification of pharmaceutical and medical workers, studies and analyzes the health status of Moscow residents, monitors the pricing of medicines, etc. Also in the department you can get free legal aid and file a complaint against the administration and doctors of hospitals and clinics.

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