What Are Constellations

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What Are Constellations
What Are Constellations

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Night clear sky. Myriad stars paint intricate patterns that fascinated people in ancient times. Distinguishing familiar outlines among the stars, they oriented themselves in space and time.

What are constellations
What are constellations


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A constellation is a section of the celestial sphere where you can see celestial objects from the point of view of observation from the earth's surface. Modern astronomers identify 88 constellations in the sky. Between them, "borders" are drawn in the form of broken lines in the system of equatorial coordinates of the 19th century. The existing names of the constellations and their conditional "boundaries" were documented by the International Astronomical Union in 1922-1935. and for the most part reflect the culture of European peoples. Like millions of years ago, the constellations help modern scientists navigate the sky and quickly determine the position of cosmic bodies and objects.

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The very word "constellation" translated from Latin means "a collection of stars." Since ancient times, the most memorable patterns of the stars have helped people navigate in time and space. Each nation in its own way grouped the stars into constellations in accordance with their beliefs and traditions.

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The constellations are compared to the monuments of ancient human culture. Observations and interest in the stars formed the basis of the myths and legends he composed. For historians in the field of astronomy and mythology, it is the constellations and legends about them that help to fully comprehend the way of life and thinking of ancient people.

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The constellations received their names from different peoples, who relied on individual traditions in understanding the surrounding space. Groups of stars bore the names of mythical characters: Andromeda, Bootes, Perseus; names of animals: Ursa Major, Swan, Rabbit. They also received their names based on the most significant objects of the era, as evidenced by names such as Libra and Compass. They were also named for the geometric shapes that form the bright stars. Such an example is the constellation Triangle, Southern Cross, Arrow, etc.

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A constellation is only a certain direction in stellar space, a certain range that gives orientation. The stars that make up the constellation pattern are actually located at very different distances from the Earth.

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