Who Is An Interviewer

Who Is An Interviewer
Who Is An Interviewer

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Every day more and more goods and services appear on the market, and the situation in the social, economic and political environment often changes overnight. Nowadays, the one who has the information wins. Of course, this information should be collected by someone. This is where the mysterious word "interviewer" comes in.

Who is an interviewer
Who is an interviewer

An interviewer is someone who collects information through questionnaires or opinion polls. Communication can take place both face-to-face and over the phone. In each specific situation, the method of collecting information is determined, a series of questions that respondents must answer, and conditions that must be met. Based on the results of the work done, the interviewer reports to the employer and receives remuneration.

The work consists of several stages: the interviewer goes through a short interview, fills out a questionnaire. After approval of his candidacy, he receives an assignment, a route map and supporting materials, if the survey includes their use. The execution of the assignment is limited by time frames, but the interviewer himself has the right to plan his schedule within the framework of the assigned assignment. After completing the survey of the respondents, he systematizes the data received, fills out the forms issued by the employer, and then presents these documents to the customer and receive a calculation.

The first quality that an interviewer should have is, of course, communication skills. The ability to have a casual conversation, maintain a variety of topics of conversation and adhere to a given plan will determine the effectiveness of the task.

The second on the list, but far from the most important quality is stress resistance. Working with people takes endurance. Among the respondents, there are different personalities: some are well-disposed, they willingly enter into conversation and answer questions, others do not burden themselves with the observance of the rules of decency and the culture of speech.

Of course, diligence is also important. To report to the employer, the interviewer must carefully and accurately fill out the itinerary and questionnaire.

People who have free time and health are suitable for the job of an interviewer. A company conducting a marketing or other kind of research independently determines the route of the employee and the geographical points where the survey should be conducted. And not always the places of collection of information are located in close proximity to each other. The interviewer has to either travel from one end of the city to the other (moreover, often at his own expense), or circle around one district.

Despite the difficulties, the interviewer's work is in demand and quite interesting. An energetic person can complete a task in a few hours and be rewarded for interacting with pleasant people.

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