Is It A Man's Business To Work As A Fashion Model?

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Is It A Man's Business To Work As A Fashion Model?
Is It A Man's Business To Work As A Fashion Model?
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For many decades, the profession of a fashion model was considered an exclusively female prerogative. Of course, they could not do without men in the field of fashion, but such work was hardly considered prestigious for a representative of the stronger sex. The situation is currently changing somewhat. For the layman, the clichés associated with men in the modeling business are still strong, but the real situation does not always correspond to stereotypes.

Is it a man's business to work as a fashion model?
Is it a man's business to work as a fashion model?

The origins of delusion

You can often hear a contemptuous statement about young models. Indeed, a representative of this profession is unlikely to receive special respect from ordinary people. A mannequin is considered stupid to be conceived because he earns with his “body” and not with his “brains”. Many male models look very feminine, as the so-called androgynous type is still at the height of fashion. Just what is the famous Andrei Pezhich, who has always been easy to confuse with a fragile blonde, and recently he completely changed his gender to female.

There are many rumors about debauchery, drug addiction and alcoholism prevailing in the modeling business. Regular models are often bohemian and sexually promiscuous. It is impossible to completely deny these stereotypes, just as it is impossible to evaluate the entire fashion industry only from such positions. A fashion model is certainly not a miner or a surgeon, but for many young people this profession is an affordable way to earn a living, in which there is nothing illegal or shameful. Moreover, for some young men, modeling is an excellent start in their future careers. After all, if there are products for men, it makes sense that someone should advertise them.

Perspectives of the profession of a model

Few of the photo models, regardless of gender, plan to stay in this business until old age. This applies only to world-class supermodels: they remain in demand even at a fairly respectable age. More often than not, representatives of this profession treat screenings and filming as a definite start.

As a model, it is easy to "light up" in the right circles, gain experience and gain popularity. With a successful combination of circumstances, a fashion model can become a presenter, actor, showman, singer.

Many young male models generally perceive their work as a way to be financially independent while studying, or to save money for their own business. And the fact that they are fortunate enough to have good looks gives them the opportunity to walk on the catwalk, and not bring food in a restaurant or wash cars. The modeling business expands the circle of acquaintances and opens up new prospects, and often after several years of work, yesterday's fashion models go to build a career in a field that has nothing to do with their previous occupation.

Down with stereotypes

Judging a person by their professional affiliation is, at the very least, unethical. A brutal representative of a real "male" profession in life may turn out to be infantile, mean and incapable of taking responsibility as a person. While a fashion model, like any other individual, may well be a noble, strong person, create a strong family in the future and provide for his loved ones.

A young man-model, if desired, can easily abstract from all the vices of the sphere in which he works. And many representatives of this profession refute all stereotypes, because they look and behave like real men.

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