Where Ardo Machinery Is Produced

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Where Ardo Machinery Is Produced
Where Ardo Machinery Is Produced

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The ARDO trademark began its history in 1930 in the small Italian town of Fabriano with a population of less than 30 thousand people at that time. The founder of this world-famous brand was the Senator of the Italian Parliament Aristide Merlone.

Where Ardo appliances are made
Where Ardo appliances are made

Merlone in 1930 was one of the first in Italy to open a factory for the manufacture of scales. Due to the good quality of its products, his company, called ARDO, gained recognition in Italy and, as a result, began to develop rapidly. The Merlone enterprise successfully survived the war and continued its development in the post-war period.

Marching on progress

Constantly following progress, ARDO began to master the production of washing machines of various types in the 60s of the last century and, as always, achieved success. ARDO also began producing LPG cylinders in the post-war period. This activity brought the company considerable profits, which were used to develop the business and search for new directions in the production of goods.

In 1980, the ARDO trademark began to master the production of electrical household appliances. By 1984, ARDO moved from trial models of refrigerators to their industrial production, opening its first factory. In 1987, ARDO launched the production of dishwashers, opening a factory for their production. The products manufactured by ARDO have received recognition not only in Italy, but also in the world market for household appliances. Since 1995, the production of gas and electric stoves began, which also became popular all over the world.

The continuity of generations

Merlone's sons continued their father's endeavors, turning the ARDO trademark into a global brand of household appliances and one of the largest manufacturers in Europe. Their factories carry out several types of quality control of manufactured products, due to which this brand has gained such fame outside of Italy. Product quality has remained unchanged since 1930.

Despite the global tendency to transfer production to Asian countries, ARDO remains a patriot of its country and does not transfer production anywhere, leaving it purely European.

Once a small town in Italy, Fabriano has become the largest center for the manufacture of washing machines. Factories for the production of washing machines are also located in Italian cities: Margone, Piaggio Dolmo, Nocera, Reggio Emilia. The ARDO factories employ almost 5 thousand people, all of whom are residents of Italy.

The ARDO brand keeps up with new trends in fashion and design. Therefore, at each plant they have a department for the design and development of the manufactured equipment. Due to what this company is highly regarded in the world market of household appliances.

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