Where Can You Submit Your Free Ad?

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Where Can You Submit Your Free Ad?
Where Can You Submit Your Free Ad?

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Advertisements serve when it is necessary to buy, sell, find or exchange something. Unlike advertisements, an ad can be placed for free and will receive a lot of responses. Both local and national newspapers, magazines, and thematic sites are accepted free of charge.

Where can you submit your free ad?
Where can you submit your free ad?

Submit an ad to print media

Newspapers specializing in the release of free ads receive them by phone call, through filled-in coupons, SMS and their own website on the Internet. The telephone number of the reception department of the publication can be found in the newspaper itself, in the "Contacts" section or in the information bureau. The ad text should be short and at the same time informative. It should start with a keyword that spells out the content of the entire ad. For example, with words such as "sell", "buy", "looking for", "exchange". In contacts, write your phone number, a valid email address.

Coupons are handed out at reception points and printed in the newspaper, from where they should be carefully cut. The text should be written in block letters. The completed coupon can be taken to the same points of admission or dropped into a special mailbox supplied by the print publication specifically for collecting coupons.

Today, all newspapers have their own websites through which they accept ads. To send a message, you must fill in the blank fields, select the desired category and leave your contact information.

All ads are moderated, if necessary, the text is edited. Do not accept more than three advertisements from the same person at a time.

Submit your ad on the Internet

On the Internet there are many city portals, thematic forums and message boards that accept ads for free. In many sites, to place your ad, you will have to register. After registration, a personal account will open and the opportunity to submit an ad will open. Through the cabinet, you can edit, delete or raise your ad in the search.

Social networks should not be ignored either. You can post an ad on your page, in interest groups. It is advisable to add high quality photos for a quick response. You can ask your friends to do so-called "reposts" and "retweets" to spread the announcement. Today this method of advertising is considered the most effective.

Place ads by city

To place an ad in free stands around the city, you need to print the finished text and paste them in specially designated places. You should not stick ads on fences, poles and bus stops, the wipers quickly rip them out of there. Typically, ads posted in this manner receive little response.

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