What Kind Of Commercial Fish Is Found In The Atlantic Ocean

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What Kind Of Commercial Fish Is Found In The Atlantic Ocean
What Kind Of Commercial Fish Is Found In The Atlantic Ocean

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The primary formation of the Atlantic Ocean began 150 million years ago. It owes its education to the displacement of the earth's crust, which separated South and North America from the continents of Europe and Africa. The new ocean got its name in honor of the ancient Greek strongman-titan Atlanta.

Industrial fishing
Industrial fishing

The stormy waters of the Atlantic

The waters of the Atlantic Ocean stretched from Antarctic to subarctic latitudes from north to south for as much as 16 thousand km. The widest part of the ocean is at its northern tip, gradually narrowing towards the equator up to 2900 km. In the southern part, the Atlantic Ocean connects with the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and in the north with the Arctic. In terms of size, the Atlantic Ocean is in second place after the Pacific Ocean, and its coastline contains a large number of bays and peninsulas. The water area of ​​the Atlantic includes thirteen seas, which is 11% of its area.

In the Atlantic Ocean Basin, where one fourth of the total catch is caught, international conventions in the field of fisheries are in force, which make it possible to efficiently use biological resources and regulate fishing.

Commercial fish of temperate latitudes

Haddock is a thermophilic fish that lives at the bottom of the ocean at a depth of 1000 m. It lives in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean, its favorite habitat is the warm shallow waters of the Barents Sea.

Herring is a whole genus of fish, numbering about 60 species. The middle scaly body of the herring is laterally compressed, and the edge of the belly is pointed. She has a small mouth, and the upper jaw does not protrude beyond the lower. Some herring species live only in the ocean, while others are anadromous fish that enter rivers for spawning.

Cod belongs to the cod family. The commercial cod reaches 80 cm in length, its color varies from greenish-olive to dark brown with small brown spots. The cod habitat covers most of the Atlantic Ocean.

Tropical fish

Tuna is perfectly adapted to an active lifestyle and constant movement. The tuna's powerful body is dense and similar to a torpedo. Its crescent-shaped dorsal fin is ideal for relentless fast swimming. Tuna live in large schools and can travel great distances in search of food.

Sardine is a small fish up to 25 cm, slightly thicker than herring. The bluish-green back of the sardine with multi-colored tints passes into the silvery-white sides and abdomen. The way of life of this commercial fish has not been sufficiently studied yet.

Halibut is a fish of the flounder family. The traditional color of halibut ranges from dark brown to olive. The body is wide and flat with a large mouth. The length of an adult of this commercial fish is up to 130 cm, and the weight can reach 30 kg.

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