How To Make A Loofah Soft

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How To Make A Loofah Soft
How To Make A Loofah Soft
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A properly selected washcloth helps to make the body cleaner, well-groomed and healthy. Many of them help to deeply cleanse the pores and have a massage effect. But what if the chosen washcloth is too aggressive on the skin? And is it worth using it in this case?

How to make a loofah soft
How to make a loofah soft

It is necessary

  • - pan;
  • - boiling water.


Step 1

The main features of a natural washcloth that distinguish it from a sponge and other cleaning accessories are a rather rigid structure and a wicker structure. Most often, washcloths are made from plants such as luffa, sisal, or ramie. The first plant is an annual herb of the pumpkin family. The second is Mexican agave. Well, ramie is a shrub from the nettle family that grows in Asian countries.

Step 2

Such washcloths may not be suitable for every person. If you are uncomfortable with the strong effect of natural fibers on your skin, try softening their structure a little. To do this, put a washcloth in a container of a suitable size, fill it with warm water, add a little soap suds and boil for half an hour. Then take it out, rinse it and use it as directed. If the washcloth is not soft enough for you, repeat this procedure again.

Step 3

Before softening a washcloth, keep in mind that its specific stiffness is beneficial to the skin. Thanks to this structure, it perfectly cleanses the pores, removes dead cells, makes the skin smooth, silky and improves the tone of the whole body. But, like all useful things, use it well in moderation. If you have delicate and sensitive skin, use a natural loofah more than once every few days. Then it will not damage the skin and cause unpleasant irritation. And its rigid mesh structure will act as a scrub.

Step 4

To rest your skin, alternate between a tough washcloth and a sea sponge washcloth. Thanks to the mild natural ingredients, it is no less useful for humans, does not cause allergic reactions and has a calming effect on the body. In addition, even the delicate skin of a child can be rubbed with such a sponge.

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