What To Talk About With Strangers

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What To Talk About With Strangers
What To Talk About With Strangers

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Everyone has to attend at least occasionally dinner parties, social events, corporate parties or visiting unfamiliar people - that is, in those places where at first it is difficult to relax and be fully yourself. At such moments, people are forced to smile and assent to each other, talk to others on various topics, make toasts, tell and listen to jokes. For some, the ability to have a casual small talk is not difficult and even enjoyable, but for someone it is quite difficult.

What to talk about with strangers
What to talk about with strangers

What topics can you talk about with unfamiliar people

You can talk with strangers on a variety of topics, including family. Ask if your interlocutors have children; where their family is from; how long have they lived here. These and various other family questions can melt any ice. However, keep in mind that it is considered indecent to ask the interlocutor if he is married (or if she is married in the case of a woman).

Another pertinent topic that you can talk about with unfamiliar people is occupation. Ask the person with whom you started talking about what he does; what he thinks about his work; who he used to work with; what he is going to do in the future. When asking these questions, do not forget to talk about yourself during the conversation.

Rest is no less interesting topic. Ask the other person what their hobbies are; where he rested this year and whether he liked it; what films he watches and how he likes them. If he has a real hobby, you are very lucky, because usually people are able to talk about their hobbies for hours on end. The main thing is to have someone to listen to.

In small talk, education is also an appropriate topic for discussion. Ask where this person studied; does he know professor such and such; where would I like to study and what specialty; which university he can recommend to children. However, it is not possible to talk about education with everyone - some people are not interested in this topic at all, while for others it may turn out to be unpleasant (for example, if a person could not enter / graduate from an institute).

Most people are interested in such a topic of conversation as money. Why did the heating rise in price? Will gasoline prices continue to rise? Where is it most profitable to buy groceries for a week? Keep in mind, however, that it is fairly easy to move from a discussion about money to a political debate. You don't need to do this. Health, religion and politics are three topics that are not suitable for conversation with unfamiliar people.

Nevertheless, in small talk, it is allowed to discuss news from the media, the Internet, social networks. But it should be borne in mind that not all people are interested in topics such as the absence or presence of common children among celebrities. Better to talk about some new discovery / invention or something positive and fun. Such news will surely cheer up your interlocutors.

A few final tips

The main skill that should be mastered in a conversation with unfamiliar people is the ability to listen, as well as show a sincere interest in what the interlocutor is saying.

It is clear that it is impossible to take everything into account and fully foresee. When you find yourself in an unfamiliar environment with people with their interests alien to you, just imagine yourself as a journalist who collects material for an article. Be attentive to the statements of the interlocutors, remain interested and a positive attitude. And then you will have the opportunity to find new interesting friends or even your soul mate.

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