How To Design A Bulletin Board

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How To Design A Bulletin Board
How To Design A Bulletin Board

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A notice board posted in a prominent, walkable place in the organization is not only a great way to bring the latest news, information and management orders to all employees, but also an indicator of a certain corporate culture. You need to know how to design a message board so that strangers who contact your company have a positive impression of this corporate culture.

How to design a bulletin board
How to design a bulletin board


Step 1

Structure your bulletin board space so that it is visually divided into clear sections, each dedicated to a specific topic. This makes it easier to use and those who are looking for information do not have to re-read all messages. It will be enough to refer to the section of interest.

Step 2

Make up section headings, informational messages themselves, in the same style. It is good if it matches the general corporate style of the company. It is appropriate to use consistent logos and colors, even fonts. Don't turn it into an information stand, like the ones on which advertisements for missing dogs and rented apartments are posted. Each message should have its place and not be blocked by new "layers" of information.

Step 3

It is important in what way the information will be attached to the board. It is better to abandon the standard fixed "pockets", they are not very convenient if the ad sizes are different. If this does not conflict with the strict and formal style of your company, then secure them with special clips or paper clips. In this case, it is better to order the board itself from cork so that the needles do not leave marks.

Step 4

Consider whether it is worth placing long-term ads and those that are relevant for a short time on the same stand. If all the same it makes sense, then group the places for messages on these grounds. But given the fact that smaller information stands are visually perceived better, it makes sense to distribute such information to different boards.

Step 5

Most importantly, appoint an employee responsible for updating the information materials presented on the bulletin board and their design in accordance with the chosen style and standards. It is better if he is immediately involved in the creation of this stand. All messages that anyone wants to place on the board must be agreed with him without fail. This state of affairs can even be formalized by order.

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