How To Design A Restaurant Menu

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How To Design A Restaurant Menu
How To Design A Restaurant Menu

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The restaurant menu is not just a list of dishes, their description and price. The appearance of the menu can tell a lot about the restaurant itself, about the quality of food and service. In addition, it serves as a means of advertising. If you have already chosen the dishes, prepared their description, there is one important thing left - to make the decoration of the menu. A good design will help attract customers and impress them. Conversely, a sloppy, poorly thought-out menu made on poor paper testifies to the poor quality of the restaurant itself.

How to design a restaurant menu
How to design a restaurant menu


Computer, color printer, several paints, paper, leather folders


Step 1

Start by coming up with an idea. The menu can be decorated with unusual colors, original images and inscriptions. Consider the nature and characteristics of the establishment. The menu should complement and at the same time reflect the image of the restaurant. If your restaurant is dedicated to national cuisine, feel free to use the national ornament. Try to design a design that matches the style and spirit of the restaurant.

Step 2

Bring your idea to life. At this stage, you will undoubtedly need a computer. In the future, with the help of a computer, you can easily and quickly make any changes to the menu.

Be sure to pay attention to the various technical details. Choose a format, font and size so that the menu is easy to read. Achieve an optimal spatial relationship between labels and spaces. Decide what color the menu card will be. Color affects the perception of text. Use color combinations that are easy to read and pleasing to the eye. Note that it is easier to read what is written in black on a white background than in white on a black background.

Step 3

Check the menu text for errors. Don't write in multiple languages ​​at once. This will make it difficult to read. However, if you are expecting foreign visitors, print the menu not only in Russian. English, French and German are also recommended for high-end restaurants. Include your restaurant name and logo on the menu. Also include his phone number, address and opening hours.

Step 4

Calculate your expenses. They must correspond to the level of the restaurant. If the restaurant isn't first class, don't use expensive gold or silver paint. Color printing requires at least four inks. Special effects and additional images increase the amount of paint required. In a top quality restaurant, the menu should be printed on the finest paper.

Step 5

Print the menu on a color printer. Submit your pre-made letterheads to artistic folders. This will give your menu a presentable look.

Make sure that the menu is not dirty and stained. If you decide to cover the forms with plastic, wipe them off regularly to remove stains. Replace crumpled or dirty folders with new ones.

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