All About Design As Art

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All About Design As Art
All About Design As Art

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The word "design" is used almost everywhere: from costume and hairstyle design to industrial design, from interior design to landscape design. Design has become one of the most fashionable areas of activity, as a number of creative personalities have turned it into art, showing the broadest possibilities of designers in organizing human life and developing culture.

All about design as art
All about design as art


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From English the word "design" is translated as "plan", "drawing" or "drawing". Accordingly, a designer is someone who knows how to plan, draw, draw. At the same time, the word "designer" has another meaning - "cunning person". Strictly speaking, the word "design" can be understood as a style, and a project, and design as a professional activity. Design can be associated with architecture, book and computer graphics, theater scenography. However, unlike them, design has no clear boundaries. It is believed that a designer can do everything, the main thing for him is the ability to find aesthetically meaningful, original solutions based on minimal costs.

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In the art of design, it is customary to distinguish four main directions. The first, which is the most common, is the design of industrial products. Industrial design is based on a combination of art and technology. Its task is to shape the attractive appearance of various industrial products, from tableware and furniture to all kinds of vehicles (cars, trains and airplanes).

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The second direction is graphic design, it is associated with the design of books, as well as the world of advertising - from small advertising banners on the Internet to huge stretch marks on the streets of large cities.

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The third direction deals with the organization of the architectural environment. This includes popular designs such as interior design and landscaping. Interior design involves organizing the interior space of the premises according to the laws of beauty and convenience. The designer takes an active part in the entire interior design process, from the layout of the room, lighting and acoustics to the placement of furniture and decorative elements.

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The art of landscape design arose at the intersection of three areas at once: construction and architecture, botany and plant growing, history of culture and art. Landscape design is also called the work of landscaping and landscaping a certain area. Unlike gardening, landscape design is not aimed at increasing yields, but at creating beauty and harmony of space. Small architectural forms, including gazebos, pavilions, bridges and fountains, are one of the elements of landscape design.

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The fourth direction presents design form as a phenomenon of art and is closely related to sculpture.

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The art of design is one of the most interesting areas of professional and creative activity. It attracts with a variety of directions and the opportunity that opens up before a person to transform the world around him according to the laws of beauty.

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