How To Write A Letter To Jail

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How To Write A Letter To Jail
How To Write A Letter To Jail

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All correspondence sent and received by the convict, except for his correspondence with the bodies of the penal system, the defense lawyer or the human rights ombudsman, goes through the censorship of the administration of the correctional institution. The amount of correspondence is not limited, but there are unspoken requirements regarding its content, failure to comply with which is fraught with various sanctions.

How to write a letter to jail
How to write a letter to jail


Step 1

Do not mention in the letter the circumstances of the criminal case in which the prisoner is being held, unknown to the investigation. This information, transmitted by operational officers to investigators or prosecutors, can be used against him and is quite capable of playing a negative role in sentencing. If a person has already been convicted, this rule can be disregarded, since it is no longer possible to influence the sentence passed.

Step 2

Try to make the letter an ordinary informational one, reporting in it simple, philistine information, a listing of events that happened to loved ones over a certain period of time. When discussing political events, write in general terms without specifying your thoughts. Learn to write in disguise so you have some freedom in expressing your thoughts.

Step 3

Do not express your extremist views in the letter, if any, try not to use obscene language, because, despite the fact that the attitude towards them differs in different correctional institutions, it is better not to take risks once again and make it easier for the letter to reach the addressee.

Step 4

Don't write about mobile phones banned in prison. When sending your contact numbers in the letter, be sure to make a note that the prisoner will call you when he has money from the prison phone. Thus, you will deflect from him the suspicion that he is breaking the rules using a mobile phone.

Step 5

Attach photographs, poems and drawings to your letters that do not contain eroticism or pornography, while observing the norms of the Criminal Code. Indicate the list of attachments at the end of the letter so that everything reaches the addressee safe and sound. Be sure to include clean, stamped envelopes. To avoid their removal by outsiders, immediately write your return address on them.

Step 6

Send emails first class to speed up their delivery. You can also include a pair of pen refills and a payphone card in the letter. Make sure that the weight of the letter does not exceed the permissible 100 grams. On the envelope, write the zip code, region, city in which the colony is located, its number, detachment number, last name, first name and patronymic of the prisoner, as well as his year of birth.

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