A Registered Letter: How To Write It Correctly

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A Registered Letter: How To Write It Correctly
A Registered Letter: How To Write It Correctly

Video: A Registered Letter: How To Write It Correctly

Video: A Registered Letter: How To Write It Correctly
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The downside of electronic communications is that they are not capable of transmitting originals of documents, and in some cases it is necessary. That is why mail services are still in demand. Documents are sent by registered mail.

How to write a certified letter
How to write a certified letter

It is necessary

  • - documentation;
  • - copies of documents;
  • - inventory (if necessary);
  • - the envelope;
  • - passport.


Step 1

Prepare documents for submission. If you need to send the originals, be sure to make copies of them. Try not to send papers without a cover letter.

Step 2

Compose the letter you want to send. Place it in a plain mail or first class envelope, which is available in the mail and is marked with yellow printing tape. You do not need to glue the envelope.

Step 3

Come to one of the branches of the Russian Post, grabbing an identity document - a passport. Fill out the registration form - this is a simple card in which you have to indicate to whom and where you are sending the letter. This card will be signed by the recipient, and it will be sent to you later.

Step 4

If necessary, make an inventory of the attachment in the envelope. To do this, fill out the established form, where you list all the documents that you send, their number. The postal employee is obliged to check compliance and affix a stamp of loyalty. One form is put into an envelope, and the second remains with you. Please note that this is the only document that can certify that they sent exactly the documents and papers that you are claiming.

Step 5

If necessary, state the cost of the letter. If the item is lost or damaged, the mail will be obliged to reimburse you for the indicated cost.

Step 6

Pay the cost of sending the letter and pick up the check, it contains the registration number of your shipment. With its help, on the website of the Russian Post, you can track each stage of sending a registered letter.

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