How To Write A Letter To France

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How To Write A Letter To France
How To Write A Letter To France

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The reasons and reasons for writing letters to France can be very varied. In this age, everyone uses e-mail, but formal letters are required to be written and sent in the traditional way. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to learn more about this.

How to write a letter to France
How to write a letter to France

It is necessary

  • - paper, stamped envelope;
  • - translator.


Step 1

First of all, determine the required writing style and the language in which you will write. French is used for business letters, but English is allowed in certain cases.

Step 2

At the post office, buy an international or regular envelope and ask the seller to sell you stamps of the desired value for the letter. Be sure to say that the letter is going to France. Please note that depending on the weight of the letter - less than 20 grams or more than 20 grams - the cost of postage will vary. Alternatively, you can mail in first class or expedited mail. Such a shipment will arrive faster, but it will also cost more.

Step 3

Write the address on the envelope in the usual way in foreign countries: first the apartment, house number, street name. The next line is the city. Then - the region. Then - the name of the country (France). Write the index in the same way as in Russia. Please write your return address in the same European order. Please note: write the return address in Russian.

Step 4

If the letter is written in French, use special cliché phrases and polite French phrases. They are required for business and official letters according to the rules of the protocol.

Step 5

A business letter must include the following mandatory elements: your coordinates and the coordinates of the addressee, links, the subject of the letter, a list of attached documents, an appeal ("Mr. …"). This should be followed by the body of the letter and in the conclusion - a signature with a decoding of the surname and an indication of the position.

Step 6

If you are not fluent in French, get an interpreter. If the letter is businesslike and is of high importance to you, order a translation from a specialized firm with a good reputation. Be sure to indicate the writing style in the translation requirements.

Step 7

Do not put a self-addressed envelope inside the letter for a reply. This is prohibited by the rules of postage, since the stamp on the envelope is considered a sign of payment, and Russian stamps are only suitable for Russian mail.

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