How To Write A Letter

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How To Write A Letter
How To Write A Letter

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Letters are part of human culture. And in order not to be considered ignorant, you need to be able to write letters. Even oversimplified communication by e-mail for a person who respects himself and his interlocutors is by no means a reason to neglect some of the canons of the epistolary genre.

How to write a letter
How to write a letter

It is necessary

  • - paper;
  • - a pen.


Step 1

Write letters with a fresh mind. If the letter was written in the evening or in a fit of strong emotions, do not be too lazy to reread it in a few hours (in the morning), and only then decide whether it is possible to send the text to the addressee. Also, do not start writing if you are not feeling well, are upset, do not have enough time to think carefully about what you are going to present.

Step 2

Start your letter with a greeting. Greetings "Good afternoon", "Hello" and the like would be ideal. If the letter is unofficial or your communication with the recipient is informal, it is permissible to say hello using “Hello!”. The greeting is usually followed by an appeal to the addressee by name: "Hello, dear (honorable) Semyon Semyonovich."

Step 3

Introduce yourself. This is especially appropriate if you are contacting an official, writing to someone for the first time, and in many other cases. You can do without an introduction only if the recipient is your bosom friend (relative) with whom you have long-established correspondence.

Step 4

Formulate your thoughts clearly, clearly, leaving no room for ambiguity. Try to put yourself in the place of the addressee while writing the letter. Wouldn't a phrase be considered offensive or a sentence misunderstood?

Step 5

Write correctly. Try to avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes. You can always check the spelling of unfamiliar words using a dictionary. Remember that illiteracy makes you look bad in front of the addressee. Few will take seriously a person who can make 2 mistakes in a simple word.

Step 6

When you finish your letter, be sure to say goodbye. Express your respect to the addressee - for example, with the phrase "Sincerely", and be sure to subscribe. This is the same "golden" rule as washing your hands before eating. Moreover, the signature, when it comes to a paper letter, must be as legible as possible.

Step 7

If you missed something, you can add the text at the end of the letter. Just be sure to put before the addition “p.s.”, which means “postscript” - “after the letter”.

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