Where Can You Give Baby Things

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Where Can You Give Baby Things
Where Can You Give Baby Things

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Children grow up and gradually in the closets, on the mezzanines, whole bags of clothes from which they grew up accumulate. You should not wait until things become unusable due to long-term storage without their use. After all, there are a lot of places where such children's things, even if they were in use, will be gladly accepted.

Where can you give baby things
Where can you give baby things


Step 1

First of all, check the condition of children's things. Wash them, sew on where the buttons are missing, mend small holes and cuts. If some of the things are hopelessly worn out, stained, very outdated morally - sort them from those that you are going to give away and take them to the nearest trash can. Take old fur, plush, soft toys there, as they are not accepted at the points that will be indicated below.

Step 2

The things that you have selected in order to distribute for free, offer to neighbors at the entrance, acquaintances, on the street to mothers with small children. You may not have to resort to other methods of deciding who to give things to, as they are urgently needed by those who are near you.

Step 3

Take a photo of several children's things, and place an ad with a photo or simply describe in detail in the text for what age and what things you propose to donate. Put your message on free classifieds boards on the Internet. You can also print or write an ad by hand on paper, reproduce it and hang it near your home (at the entrances, bus stop, store).

Step 4

Children's homes for children, which are located in regional centers (not in the city), are in dire need of things from 0 to 3 years old, since they are provided much more poorly by local village budgets, in comparison with city support. In addition to clothes, they will gladly accept children's toys, including educational toys, children's furniture, and hygienic cosmetics.

Step 5

Take children's things from 0 to a year old to the infectious diseases wards of hospitals where refusal children are. Often, the local budget does not allocate funds for the maintenance of such babies, and therefore there are often not enough things, toys, hygiene items here.

Step 6

If you have accumulated things from children from 3 years old to adolescence, take them to orphanages. Especially children of orphanages need modern winter and summer clothes so that they can go to holiday camps during their teenage years.

Step 7

Search on the Internet for addresses in your area of ​​city reception centers, churches that accept used things. Here things are sorted, laid out, hung up and fall into the hands of the poor, large families, single mothers in need of help.


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