What Was At The Bottom Of Pandora's Box

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What Was At The Bottom Of Pandora's Box
What Was At The Bottom Of Pandora's Box
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The expression "open Pandora's box" means that a terrible action has been taken, after which nothing can be changed. But few people know that at the bottom of this box is Hope, which can save you from troubles and misfortunes.

What was at the bottom of Pandora's box
What was at the bottom of Pandora's box


The name Pandora means in ancient Greek - "gifted to all."

According to ancient Greek myths, Pandora is a very beautiful woman who was created by the gods of Olympus to punish Prometheus and humanity. According to Jupiter, people illegally used the fire that Prometheus brought to earth.

Hephaestus mixed earth with water and molded Pandora's body. Other gods endowed Pandora with talents that made her irresistible. Hermes endowed with sweetness and cunning, Aphrodite with irresistible beauty, Athena with her soul, and Zeus with curiosity.

Then they offered her as a gift to Prometheus. But he refused, knowing the cunning of his fellows. Pandora was seen by the brother of Prometheus - Epimet. Saying that evil cannot be expected from such an irresistible creature, Epimetus married Pandora.

Terrible package

One evening, sitting on the lawn, Pandora and Epimetus saw Mercury walking towards them, carrying a heavy box on his shoulders. He did not answer the question of the lovers, what is in him. He only said that he was very tired and asked for permission to leave this load in their house for one day.

Having received permission, Mercury left. The curiosity that Zeus endowed Pandora with haunted her. She tried to open the chest. Epimet saw this, and began to reproach her that this should not be done.

Pandora waited for Epimet to leave, and again went to the mysterious box. At that moment, sounds began to come from him, similar to a whisper. She came close to the chest and heard plaintive voices begging to open the lid.

Pandora took pity on the invisible prisoners and opened the box. She did not know that Jupiter put all the vices and crimes, troubles and diseases into him. The creatures that looked like moths with brown wings flew free and began to sting Epimetus and Pandora.

What was at the bottom of the box

Previously, the lovers did not experience anger and pain, but as soon as the evil creatures bit them, they quarreled for the first time. In the midst of the quarrel, the couple heard another voice from the chest, the lid of which they slammed as soon as they felt the bites of the terrible moths. This voice begged to be released, promised to heal from all wounds.

Realizing that it would hardly be worse, Epimet and Pandora decided to take a chance and opened the box again. The gods took pity on humanity and hid one good creature among the evil spirits - Hope.

She flew out into the light in snow-white clothes and began to touch the bitten places on the body of her lovers. The pain subsided immediately. Then Nadezhda flew to other victims of evil demons to heal them.

So the ancient legend was born that evil appeared in the world, bringing suffering. But after trouble, hope always flies, healing people and giving them faith in a happy future.

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