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What Is Pedantry
What Is Pedantry
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A pedant in everyday life is most often called a person who is distinguished by excessive accuracy and a desire to keep everything in perfect order. This quality applies not only to everyday trifles, it often manifests itself in reasoning and communication with other people. In its extreme manifestations, pedantry can cause psychological problems.

What is pedantry
What is pedantry

Who is a pedant

Initially, the term "pedant", which came from the Latin language, meant a mentor or educator. The outdated meaning of this word depicts the image of a strict teacher, meticulous about his duties. Today, such a term is most often referred to as an overly tidy person who adheres to exceptional order even in small things, who requires strict adherence to formalities from himself and others.

The term "pedantry" in its modern sounding often takes on a negative connotation. They are awarded to those who sometimes bring the simplest everyday situations to extreme absurdity, which irritates others, leads to mutual misunderstanding, and sometimes to serious conflicts.

In communication, pedantry manifests itself in the form of excessive thoroughness, detailed and extremely accurate stylistics when constructing statements.

As a character trait, pedantry manifests itself in almost any situation. The pedant considers it necessary to arrange things in the closet, food in the refrigerator in a special way. Even the laundry for drying, such people hang out in a certain order, picking up items of clothing by color or size. A pedantry person puts order at the forefront. He will not calm down until the world around him acquires perfection and completeness.

There are also positive features in pedantry. Such people are usually executive, very precise in deeds and in expressing their thoughts. They do a good job with job duties if their function is to maintain order in the documents. The pedant's apartment shines with neatness and cleanliness. All things in his dwelling are located in their places, there is not the slightest hint of disorder.

You can be sure that the pedant will come on time for a date or a business meeting.

Pathological pedantry

In psychology, there is the concept of "pathological pedantry" ". This is the name of an exaggerated and scrupulous human desire for accurate and strict fulfillment of duties, which sometimes takes the form of following artificial rituals. This character trait, manifested in a painful attention to detail, is most often detrimental to the case.

Experts explain the pathological manifestations of pedantry by the lack of the ability to separate essential details from completely insignificant ones. It happens that such a characterological feature is combined with indecision, difficulties in choosing one of the options, excessive suspiciousness. A detailed combination of qualities forces the pedant to show pettiness and painstakingly perform the simplest work that does not require precision and high responsibility.

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