What Is Face Painting And How Is It Done

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What Is Face Painting And How Is It Done
What Is Face Painting And How Is It Done

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Face painting is an opportunity to temporarily transform into your favorite fairytale hero, an animal, or simply decorate your own face with patterns. Recently, this service has been very popular at children's parties, while you can make face painting yourself.

What is face painting and how is it done
What is face painting and how is it done

What is face painting

Face painting is a special oil-free paints that are made on a water basis. They can be in the form of dry powder or the usual colors in jars.

Face painting is absolutely harmless, therefore it can be used on children's skin. After drawing, there is no need to wait for it to dry. Everything happens very quickly. Face painting is washed off with ordinary soap and warm water.

You can purchase paints at art stores, children's shopping malls and theater kiosks. You can also make them yourself. Mix 1 teaspoon of hypoallergenic baby cream with 3 tablespoons of starch and 1 teaspoon of water. Add food coloring to the resulting mass. To get black, light a match or a wooden cork, collect some ash and grind it into powder.

From tools, you will need a sponge or sponge, as well as art brushes of different thicknesses.

How to apply face painting

First, test your skin for allergies. To do this, apply a small amount of paint in the elbow fold and wait half an hour to an hour. If no allergies have arisen, you can start drawing. Powder paints must be diluted with water. Ready-made can be used immediately.

Apply the tone all over the face. To do this, moisten a sponge or a regular sponge in water, squeeze out the excess, dial the desired shade and cover the skin with paint in a circular motion. The tone should be smooth and even, this is the basis of the drawing. Don't forget to paint over the eyelids and eyebrows by asking the model to close their eyes.

The process of creating face painting is similar to painting with watercolors. Draw the eyes first. This should be done with a soft, wide brush. Then draw the eyebrows. Next, face painting is applied from top to bottom: forehead, cheeks, chin. For thick lines, use wide, flat brushes. Place the base of the brush against the skin and, pressing on it, draw a line. Draw subtle strokes with the tip of a small brush. Do not draw too much paint, it should not drip. Try to keep your hand at a right angle.

You can make face painting in the form of an animal (tiger, bear, panda, dog or cat), an insect (butterfly, bee), a superhero (batman, spider-man, superman), a fairy-tale character, or openwork patterns and flowers. It all depends on your imagination. Also, as an additional decor, you can use sparkles, rhinestones, mother-of-pearl powder.

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