How Many Television Channels Are There In The World

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How Many Television Channels Are There In The World
How Many Television Channels Are There In The World

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Television is available in almost all countries of the world. It is difficult today to imagine a Russian family that does not have a TV or Internet. People are constantly watching something to spend their time, to learn something new and interesting. Thousands of channels offer a wide variety of programs.

How many television channels are there in the world
How many television channels are there in the world

Types of TV channels

It is impossible to count the number of TV channels that exist in the world, because there are not only official companies, but also private ones that create various broadcasting options. Statistics say that in 2013 there were about 330 TV channels in Russia. In the United States of America, a little more than 8 thousand in the same period. There were no general data for the world.

All channels can be divided into state, regional and private. A legal entity can create its own broadcasting, but for this you have to choose a broadcasting frequency, and many companies are hunting for prestigious options. Broadcasting throughout Russia is not available to all TV channels. Screenings around the world are rare, and only the BBC and a couple of other big companies can afford it.

Broadcast categories

Modern television divides broadcasting into categories. Today there are thematic channels that are convenient for the viewer. The general theme implies the showing of different programs, for example, news, films, comedy and entertainment shows, TV series, real stories. General channels usually do not have serious age restrictions, only at night it is possible to show programs that have an age limit of more than 16+. The lack of a narrow focus attracts a wide range of viewers.

News channels usually show news. Sports channels specialize in various competitions. There are those that broadcast only one sport or several. Cognitive channels are filled with interesting programs about science, technology, and the structure of the world. They are for different ages, there are even specialized broadcasts for scientists. Religious channels usually talk about one spiritual direction, touch on the themes of the soul and personality development in accordance with specific teachings. Business channels are dedicated to the economy, exchange transactions, changes in the field of business. Humorous entertain people with interesting jokes and funny shows.

Most Popular Categories

The most popular channels in the world are children's channels. These are broadcasts for the little ones, where a lot of attention is paid to educational programs, cartoons and films. They allow children to be occupied, while parents can work or do something else during this time. Even advertising on these broadcasts is special, designed for a certain age. Very vivid images, interesting stories can captivate both a baby and a teenager.

Entertainment and music channels are also in great demand on modern television. Many people like a world without news and aggression. In Russia, the most popular entertainment channels are considered to be: TNT, STS, Domashny, TV3. Their ratings exceed the views of other broadcasts by several times, and they are shown almost throughout the country.

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