What Does The Expression "like A Wall Of Peas" Mean?

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What Does The Expression "like A Wall Of Peas" Mean?
What Does The Expression "like A Wall Of Peas" Mean?

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The Russian language is rich in figurative phraseological units. They are needed in order to enrich and embellish speech, to help express thoughts more accurately. The expression "How peas against a wall" is familiar from childhood, the more interesting it is to find out why they say so.

What does the expression mean
What does the expression mean


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When they cannot explain something to another, convey a thought to him, they say “Like peas against a wall,” this means that it is useless to grovel, to explain, words are not perceived, but fly off like peas, a person is associated with a wall, and words with peas. Often this phrase is said to children when they disobey or do not absorb any information well. But why exactly peas and why should they hit the wall?

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This plant culture appeared in Russia from Central Asia and took root, became a widespread product, they ate peas boiled, steamed, raw, baked pies, and made jelly from them. Settlers who settled new lands sowed it along the roads for travelers who followed them. Pea crops stretched along the Siberian tract, with the pioneers, legumes came to the Urals and Siberia.

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Peas are an unpretentious plant, it gives a good harvest in any climatic zone, the dishes from it are hearty, which is why the peasants loved it so much. The women peeled him in sacks. Perhaps they mechanized this process, processed it with flails, some peas flew off, beat against the walls, fell back unharmed. There is an assumption that the beans were simply thrown into the wall to open the flaps, while the peas bounced off it. This action gave rise to the expressions: "Tell him what to sculpt into the wall" or "Like peas against the wall." These apt phrases gained popularity, they are still used today.

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Boys loved to play with peas, they shot them from tubes, while adults, looking at these fun, could come to the conclusion that peas could not break through the wall. Therefore, when a person is not penetrable, does not listen to other people's advice, does in his own way, they say that everything to him is "like peas against a wall."

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The expression can also be found in literary works. N.V. Gogol in "The Tale of Captain Kopeikin" there are deadlines: "But my Kopeikin, you can imagine, and he doesn’t blow his mustache. These words to him are like peas against the wall … ".

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