Why Do Kings And Queens Need A Crown

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Why Do Kings And Queens Need A Crown
Why Do Kings And Queens Need A Crown

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As an attribute of royal power, the crown appeared in the states of the Ancient World. But there are several more reasons to which it owes its origin. Some of the ancients' guesses about the special properties of the crown have been scientifically proven today.

Women's crown of Russian queens
Women's crown of Russian queens

The crown is an indispensable attribute of power, along with the throne room, scepter and privileges. Wearing it is not only a whim of the head of state, but also a rule of etiquette. The crown is an original headdress made of precious metals and stones. There is an opinion that the abundance of valuable materials on the head of a ruling person forms a strong energy field around her, which protects the owner from negative energies and preserves his physical health.

When did the crowns appear and why

The forerunners of these headdresses were other attributes of power: hats, special bandages, turbans, crowns. When the states of the Ancient World learned to process metals and precious stones, they began to decorate the heads of kings and kings with their help. The crown appeared as the most practical piece to wear and useful from any point of view. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, it was valued for its special power to withstand various magical influences.

Nowadays, it has been proven that the crystals embedded in these headdresses have a sufficiently powerful electromagnetic field, therefore, the opinion of the ancients about the special properties of the crown has been scientifically proven. The shape of these jewelry is certainly round, but the incrustation can be very different. From time immemorial, the best jewelers of the state, close to the ruling family, have been making the crown. The rulers must be sure that they will not be harmed by embedding various metals and stones into the garment, therefore, all rights to make it were granted only to authorized persons.

History of the Russian crown

The most famous is the Monomakh hat. It was with her that all Russian princes and tsars were crowned to the throne. Today, this impressive piece of decoration is stored in the Armory and is available to all visitors and tourists. The first piece entirely made of gold is the “Big Outfit” crown, which belonged to Prince Mikhail Romanov. The "Diamond Hat", an adornment made by Russian craftsmen at the end of the 16th century using casting, chasing and precious stones, belonged to Tsar Ivan Alekseevich.

The middle of the 17th century was marked by the appearance of the first imperial crown, the most famous of which is the Crown of the Russian Empress Anna Ionanovna. This piece of jewelry is adorned with more than two thousand precious stones, skillfully selected in size and color. Above the main body of this crown is a diamond cross. Russian craftsmen made the famous Crown of the Russian Empire in just two months. Until now, this miracle of jewelry art delights people with its extraordinary beauty.

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