How To Open The Door Of A Washing Machine

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How To Open The Door Of A Washing Machine
How To Open The Door Of A Washing Machine

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Some housewives often wonder if it is possible to open the door of the washing machine that is running at the moment. It is strongly discouraged to do this, however, in case of unforeseen situations, such manipulation is still provided. How can it be done?

How to open the door of a washing machine
How to open the door of a washing machine

We open a working machine

In some washing machines (for example, Indesit), which wash things in the super economy water mode, you can turn off the power during the wash process. After five minutes, a latch on the hatch will allow you to open it and remove / add items to the car. At the same time, water will not spill onto the floor, since the super economy mode uses its minimum amount. You can also open the door of a running washing machine after it has completely drained all the water.

You can also drain the water from the machine manually, through a spare hole with a narrow hose at the bottom of the unit.

Also, a common problem when opening a washing machine door is blocking it. This can occur if the hatch handle is damaged or there is a malfunction in the device for locking it. To correct this failure, the machine must be de-energized by unplugging and performing the procedures listed in the next section.

Opening the locked door of the machine

So, in order to open the blocked hatch of the washing machine, you need to remove its top cover and tilt the machine onto its two rear supports so that the tank deviates from the inner wall of the hatch. Then you need to put your hand to the blocking device, feel there the fixing tongue that blocks the door opening, and take it to the side. After that, the hatch can be opened.

If the door interlock, attached to the inside of the front wall of the machine, is defective, it must be replaced.

To replace a faulty hatch lock, the door of the washing machine must be removed from its hinges, unscrewed around its perimeter, the latches must be disengaged (sequentially and in a circle) and the door must be disconnected into two halves. On one of these halves, a hatch locking device is attached in the form of a handle, which must be unscrewed and replaced with a previously prepared new handle. Then the door must be assembled in the reverse order, without missing anything. Upon completion of the repair, you can check the serviceability of the bollard by closing and opening the hatch several times in a row.

When self-repairing the device for locking the door of the washing machine, it is advisable to observe one important rule - before disconnecting its power supply wires, you should sketch or photograph their position. This way you can insure yourself against incorrect connection after installing the blocking device. Checking the correct connection of the wires is carried out after washing - the door should be unlocked at the end of the wash.

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