How To Increase The Strength Of Concrete

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How To Increase The Strength Of Concrete
How To Increase The Strength Of Concrete

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The strength of concrete is one of its main characteristics. The concept of strength implies the ability to withstand external factors of influence and pressure.

Reinforcement of concrete
Reinforcement of concrete


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There are several ways to increase the strength indicator. The first and most often used one is to increase the amount of cement in the composition. The more cement content in the composition, the more effectively the finished composition resists various external loads. But an important factor that must not be forgotten is that strength increases only up to a certain point. After passing this line, adding cement to the binder will have the opposite effect. An excessive amount of cement will greatly reduce the reliability, and therefore it is not advisable to completely ignore special tables to achieve even greater strength.

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The main reserve of concrete strength is provided by a large aggregate. Both the size of the components and their number play a role. For example, adding crushed stone or granite to it will give much more strength to the finished mixture than limestone and gravel. Therefore, in high grades of concrete, which will subsequently be used in structures with significant loads, it is their use that is recommended. Reinforcement is used everywhere in concrete structures, but practice shows that the presence of a frame only slightly increases the compressive strength of concrete. In this case, the main increase in strength is due to the resistance to lateral loads and to the tensile effect. In the construction industry, this is an important factor that allows you to use various options for the use of structures.

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The care of the concrete mixture after it has been laid and various influences also affect the subsequent strength. This factor mainly includes the performance of various operations related to the compaction of the concrete mixture. If vibration is carried out after pouring, the strength of the concrete increases. This procedure eliminates small air bubbles that are unable to rise on their own and helps to achieve a monolithic mass. Vibration should not be carried out for too long, as the mixture will inevitably stratify.

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It takes time for the concrete to acquire the necessary strength. This allows the components to seize and form strong bonds between the components. The set of strength with concrete is precisely the process of setting the components together. Under ideal conditions of temperature and humidity, the concrete curing time is 28 days, and after that the strength reaches 100%. In this case, the process of gaining strength does not end there, but continues, increasing for a rather long period of time, which guarantees a certain margin.

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