How A Turbo Lighter Works

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How A Turbo Lighter Works
How A Turbo Lighter Works

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Turbo lighters today are becoming increasingly popular both among tourism enthusiasts and just household men. This small and compact device is quite easy to operate, and its characteristics are powerful enough to use a turbo lighter in a variety of situations. How does this miracle device work?

How a turbo lighter works
How a turbo lighter works

Turbo lighter properties

With the help of a turbo lighter, you can easily light a camping stove or make a fire even in strong winds, since its flame is resistant to its gusts and will not burn your hands - unlike a conventional lighter. A reliable and uninterrupted source of fire for a turbo lighter provides a large compartment with gas, the transparency of which allows you to control the "fuel" consumption and replenish it in time.

The undoubted advantage of turbo lighters is their waterproofness - when water gets into the nozzle, it is enough to shake the device several times to remove the water.

The characteristics of a turbo lighter allow it to be used for a variety of purposes, from soldering to defrosting iced parts. So, its main technical properties include such parameters as the fire temperature up to 1300 degrees, the function of adjusting the power of the fire jet, the ability to fill the device with ordinary gas and a small weight of thirty-eight grams. A turbo lighter is indispensable for long hikes, trips to barbecues and visits to summer cottages, as its qualities make it an excellent alternative to various combustible materials.

The principle of operation of a turbo lighter

The gas in the turbo lighter passes through a microscopic hole in the turbine, picking up speed sharply and flowing under high pressure into the upper part of the turbine, where the fire former is located. Thanks to this shaper, the flame of the turbo lighter has a clear and stable shape. Some models are equipped with a high-melting steel coil, which heats up under the influence of fire and prevents it from extinguishing in strong winds due to thermal inertia.

Depending on the insert located in the gas combustion chamber, the color of the fire can be burgundy, green, light yellow or blue.

Immediately after their appearance, turbo lighters became popular with both workers and smokers, who finally got rid of the inconveniences of high-altitude work and lighting in a gusty wind. Today, a turbo lighter is used in both inexpensive and luxury lighters. Aesthetes appreciate it for the original color of the flame, and many people give it as a birthday present, so manufacturers are constantly trying to expand the range of turbo lighters. Now in stores you can buy the most unusual lighters equipped with a turbo device - there are desktop, pocket, elegant, designer and even sculptural models of these devices on sale.

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