How To Distinguish Real Shungite

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How To Distinguish Real Shungite
How To Distinguish Real Shungite

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Shungite is a rock, which is approximately 30% carbon and 70% silicates. The stone is very hard and dense, its distinctive property is electrical conductivity, which is not typical for rocks. Shungite has a number of useful properties, due to which counterfeits for this stone are often found on sale.

How to distinguish real shungite
How to distinguish real shungite


  • - light bulb or flashlight;
  • - battery;
  • - two wiring.


Step 1

To test shungite, one must remember that its main distinguishing property is the ability to conduct electricity, in other words, electrical conductivity. This is extremely rare in minerals. To check, you need to have a small light bulb or flashlight with you, two wires and a battery. Collect from all this a simple electrical circuit (light bulb - wire - battery) and successively connect shungite to it.

Step 2

First, check if the shungite-free electrical circuit works properly. If the light is on, it means that you did everything right. Now attach shungite (light bulb - wire - stone - wire - battery). If it still burns, then this is a genuine mineral. If not, it is a fake or the quality of the stone is very low. In any case, there is no point in acquiring it.

Step 3

In appearance, even a specialist can not always accurately determine whether he sees shungite in front of him. The fact is that outwardly fakes are very similar to this mineral. If you are buying not a whole separate stone or a product made of it, but, for example, shungite crushed stone, then it must be dusty. Shungite is very hard and brittle, so a slight abrasion of crushed stone inevitably occurs, leading to the formation of fine dust particles. If the stones break easily, then they are probably real.

Step 4

Shungite quite often has golden veins. This is iron sulfate, which is constantly found among shungite strata. It is for this reason that some shungite can "rust" a little, if you do not dry them after infusing water. The presence of such streaks is not a sign of a fake.

Step 5

Shungite water is considered useful, and quite often people buy a stone just for its production. If you have infused the water for several hours, and its taste has not changed, then your stone is of poor quality or it is a fake. It takes 12 hours to infuse water on real shungite, and after that it noticeably changes its taste.

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