How To Return A Bike

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How To Return A Bike
How To Return A Bike

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It happens in life that a recently purchased item does not suit us for some parameters or characteristics. The question immediately arises about its return. This problem can be solved based on the current legislation.

How to return a bike
How to return a bike


Step 1

If 14 days have not passed since the purchase of the bike, feel free to take the goods to the store. According to the current law, the buyer has the right to return the money within the specified period. The reason for the return of goods of proper quality may be the following: did not fit in terms of configuration, size, color, dimensions, shape, etc. When contacting the seller, be sure to state the reason for your decision, otherwise you risk getting a legal refusal.

Step 2

When returning the bike to the store, make sure that it has retained its presentation, factory labels, seals, and consumer properties. Also prepare proof of purchase, such as a sales receipt or sales receipt. Please note: you can get a refund for the goods even in the absence of a paid check, based on testimony.

Step 3

To return the bike to the store and get your money back, know that the seller has the right to offer to exchange it for a similar product, in accordance with article 25, paragraph 2 of the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights". You can withdraw money only if at the time of contacting the store it is absent. Thus, if the bike does not suit you in terms of dimensions, dimensions or color, the seller has the right to offer a similar product of a different configuration.

Step 4

Make your claim in writing, stating the claim when returning the bike to the store. If the item is of proper quality, the seller is obliged to satisfy your claim within 3 days. If at the time of contacting the store administration is not ready to pay the due amount of money, record the fact of transfer of the goods in the act. Indicate in it the date, reason for return, surname, initials and position of the person to whom the item was transferred. The administration must sign the completed handover document. Keep it until you receive the appropriate payout amount.

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