Why Do You Need Distilled Water

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Why Do You Need Distilled Water
Why Do You Need Distilled Water

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Water that first evaporated, then fell out in the form of dew, rain, snow, and became glaciers - distilled water in nature. In everyday life, distillate is used in various techniques, from a regular iron and humidifiers to a car. Distilled water is widely used in medicine, in the chemical industry, in laboratories. Treated water is theoretically filled into heating systems.

Distilled water
Distilled water

Distilled water in your home

Using ordinary tap water in the iron leads to failure of the humidification system due to scale. It is better to use distilled water. The closest thing to distilled water is reverse osmosis water, which most city dwellers order home as drinking water.

Distilled water is needed for steam cleaners for wet cleaning. The instruction manual advises the use of a distillate. Buying an ultrasonic humidifier at home also requires purchasing distilled water for it. If you use plain water, the salts from it will be carried by the fan around the room. Soon the furniture and floors will be covered with a light white coating of salt. This is because high-frequency vibrations transform water and all its impurities into a water suspension, carried by the air flow around the apartment.

Distilled water is obtained by evaporation and subsequent condensation upon cooling. The distillate contains no impurities. The closest analogue of distilled water is water purified by a reverse osmosis system.

Autonomous heating in a house involves the use of water without aggressive components to reduce internal corrosion. To do this, you can use distilled water, but it is easier to install a water purification system, taking into account the constant feeding of the system at a pressure of 2-2.5 atmospheres. The purified water heating system works great. It is possible to distil water for the heating system, but it is not at all necessary. It is better to add the right amount of soda ash to reduce acidity.

Distilled water is used in medicine for the dilution of drugs for injection, in laboratories, in color photo printing. It is even used to breed grappa, a special kind of brandy.

Distilled water in your car

First of all, the battery needs distillate. The water in it gradually evaporates, which can lead to oxidation of the lead plates by air. To prolong the battery life, the sulfuric acid solution in it is periodically diluted with distilled water. It is important to use distilled water, not purified water. Then the battery will work for a long time and reliably, and the plates will not be damaged.

The liquid for cooling the engine in the car, antifreeze, must not freeze. It is used to cool the engine in winter. Ready-to-use liquids and concentrates are available. They are diluted with distilled water. Any salts and other substances dissolved in ordinary water significantly impair the quality of antifreeze.

Distilled water is used in windscreen washers. Using normal tap water can cause contamination of the nozzles. A special shampoo can be added to distilled water. For winter time, a special anti-freeze liquid is poured into the washers. The concentrated solution is diluted with distilled solution in the required proportions according to the instructions for use.

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