How To Choose Office Paper

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How To Choose Office Paper
How To Choose Office Paper

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Office paper is one of the most demanded products for the office, the quality of which affects the durability of office equipment and the appearance of documentation. This paper must be selected in accordance with the tasks that it will perform - how to do it correctly?

How to choose office paper
How to choose office paper


To choose the right office paper, you need to decide on the documents you want to print and the technique that is available for this. Conventionally, office paper is divided into three classes. Grade "C" is represented by paper intended for daily printing of a small amount of documents and is widely available on the market. Documents printed on this grade of paper work well on basic office equipment.

Often, under the guise of “C” class office paper, sellers sell low-quality cheap products that do not meet the standards in many quality parameters.

Medium quality is "B" grade paper, which is used for large volumes of documentation and double-sided printing. It meets all the requirements of modern office technology - in particular, class "B" office paper is ideal for high-speed printers that are used in large and medium-sized offices. Grade A paper is designed for printing documents on laser color printers, as well as for monochrome printing, giving documents the perfect quality. Unlike grades "B" and "C", grade "A" paper has a wide choice of density and glossy / matte surface of the sheet.

Important parameters of office paper

The classification of office paper is based on its compliance with certain chemical or physical parameters, which are important to consider when choosing paper for the office. First of all, you need to pay attention to the clarity of cutting the edge of the sheet and its geometry - high-quality paper has clean and neat edges. Otherwise, the sheets of paper will stick together or wrinkle during printing. An equally important quality indicator is the whiteness of office paper.

The whiteness of the whitest office paper can be 98%, while 100% whiteness in the manufacture of sheets is practically unattainable.

Another important parameter is the moisture content of office paper - the lower it is, the less the sheets will wrinkle and curl during the printing process. The standard moisture content for paper is 4.2% to 4.5%. In this case, the paper should be stored in a place that is reliably protected from moisture.

And finally, the classic parameters of office paper - weight and size. The standard weight for this type of paper is 80 grams per square meter, but for class A papers this figure can increase to 280 grams. Office paper sizes exist in two categories - A4 and A3. They are selected depending on the size of the document to be printed.

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