How To Buy A Traumatic Pistol

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How To Buy A Traumatic Pistol
How To Buy A Traumatic Pistol

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The demand for traumatic weapons has reached unimaginable heights over the past decade. Since demand creates supply, manufacturers of weapons (in particular, traumatic pistols) simply flooded the shelves of specialized weapons stores with their goods.

Buying a traumatic pistol is not easy
Buying a traumatic pistol is not easy

What is a traumatic pistol?

This type of weapon does not pose a direct mortal danger to humans (except in especially severe cases). That is why in the English-speaking countries it was called "non-lethal weapon". Traumatics are used to temporarily incapacitate people or animals. If necessary, a traumatic pistol can protect against aggressive and illegal actions against its owner.

It must be remembered that "non-lethal weapons" can still cause death, even if not intentional. To purchase a traumatic pistol, you must obtain a special permit (license). To do this, you must go through the same procedure as for obtaining a firearm or hunting weapon.

How to buy a traumatic pistol?

Obtaining a license. First of all, you need to obtain a special medical certificate of the sample 046-1. To do this, you need to pay at the branch of the Sberbank of the Russian Federation a receipt for obtaining a license for a traumatic weapon. After that, you need to come to the police station at the place of registration and write an application to the department for licensing and permitting work (OLRR). It is imperative that you have your passport and one photocopy with you.

Next, you need to collect a package of documents: relevant certificates (from a psycho- and narcological dispensary), an application for permission to carry a traumatic weapon, a photocopy of a civil passport, black and white matte photographs of 3x4 format in the amount of 4 pieces and a report from the district police officer on checking the storage conditions for traumatic injuries at home (availability of a safe). The last point involves the purchase of a safe and its specific location in the house (apartment).

All these papers must be handed over to the FRR at the place of registration. From this moment on, the application for the acquisition and carrying of a traumatic weapon will be considered for 10 days. At the end of this period, FRRD staff will make a decision to issue a license or refuse. A refusal to issue a license must be formally presented in writing.

If the decision to issue a license to carry a traumatic weapon was satisfied, then the applicant will have to pass exams on knowledge of the storage, use and carrying of a traumatic weapon. If the exams are passed successfully, then the license must be issued after 30 days. Practice shows that a license can be issued later (if there are objective reasons).

Purchase of a traumatic pistol. A purchase can only be made with a license already in hand. The permit is issued for a period of 5 years. This means that the purchase of a pistol (and other traumatic weapons) can be made at any time during the validity period of the license. After the purchase, it is necessary to register your weapon with the FRRR at the ATS at the place of registration within a half month.

A registered pistol is assigned a specific personnel number, which is entered into a personal observation file. From this point on, the calculation of the experience of mastering a traumatic begins.

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