Where Can You Legally Buy A Combat Pistol

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Where Can You Legally Buy A Combat Pistol
Where Can You Legally Buy A Combat Pistol
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According to the law "On weapons", Russian citizens are prohibited from owning military firearms for personal use, although there have been talks about their legalization for more than a decade. However, there are a number of countries in which short-barreled weapons are legally sold to the population through specialized stores.

Where can you legally buy a combat pistol
Where can you legally buy a combat pistol

In Russia

In Russia, you can only buy a collection pistol 100% legally. In this case, the age of the weapon must be at least 100 years. These requirements fit, for example, revolvers from the First World War. However, the presence of a collection license does not give the right to purchase and store cartridges for existing weapons.

A more difficult but legal way is to open a private security agency. Hire a director, necessarily with a higher legal education, obtain a license from a legal entity for security activities. Then he gets a job in this company as a licensed security guard and through it to acquire a legal combat pistol and the right to carry and use it in accordance with the law "On security activities" and "On weapons".

In other countries

You can legally buy a combat pistol for US citizens in their country. Moreover, in many states it is possible to purchase automatic weapons (machine guns and assault rifles). 23 states allow open carrying of weapons, 38 states allow hidden weapons, and in Alaska and Vermont, a license to carry weapons is not required at all. However, not everything is so good: there is a complete ban on carrying weapons in Illinois, you can only keep them at home.

You can legally buy a pistol in Norway. An applicant for a short-barreled weapon license must be at least 21 years old, he must be a member of a shooting club for at least six months and pass exams in the basics of using weapons. Even after obtaining a license, a citizen should not withdraw from membership in a shooting club and, at least occasionally, attend shooting sports competitions. This is due to the fact that in Norway it is very reluctant to issue a license for short-barreled self-defense weapons, and a license to carry weapons for sporting purposes is easy. On the other hand, schoolchildren and students living on the islands of the Svalbard archipelago are prohibited from leaving settlements without weapons and ammunition due to the increased incidence of bear attacks.

It is allowed to own combat pistols in Brazil. At the same time, those wishing to acquire a license must be at the age of 25 and above and prove the validity of their intention to acquire a weapon. Carrying pistols with them is allowed only to residents of rural areas, provided that they prove that there is a threat to the life and health of the owner of the weapon or his family members. Every pistol owner is registered as a hunter.

In Andorra and Switzerland, citizens are allowed to have any small arms. Even which is in service with the army. The fact is that the responsibility for the country's defense lies with the citizens, and in the event of their mobilization, they are obliged to appear with their weapons. Also allowed to own pistols in Argentina, Bulgaria, Holland, Germany, Italy, Israel, Canada, Mexico, Finland and the Czech Republic. From the countries of the former USSR, you can legally buy a combat pistol in Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova and Estonia.

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